Ten years on from the global financial crisis, economics remains theology

Sagar Sanyal The global financial crash of 2008 and the period since have created puzzle after puzzle for the mainstream economics that dominates the thinking of central banks and government departments, and the syllabus of university courses. Yet there has been no re-evaluation of the underlying assum...CONTINUE READING

Honouring early Aboriginal resistance

Kim Bullimore In April 1770, James Cook became the first European to see the east coast of the continent now known as Australia. Claiming the territory for Britain, he declared the land terra nullius, despite it being far from empty. As Cook sailed down the coast, his expedition was observed by the Dhar...CONTINUE READING

The battle for Aboriginal heritage on Perth’s foreshore 30 years on

Nick Everett Thirty years ago this month, Noongar activists set up a protest camp at Gooninup, the site of the derelict Old Swan Brewery on Perth’s foreshore. This marked the beginning of a four-year long struggle to secure recognition of an Aboriginal sacred site. Aboriginal protesters and their suppo...CONTINUE READING

Understanding the political crisis in Britain

Tom Bramble The British political establishment is in its biggest crisis for more than a century. The country that has for many decades been a lynchpin of Western political stability, a pillar of Western imperialism, is now the source of instability that threatens to precipitate a broader political cr...CONTINUE READING

Scorched earth: capitalism, climate change and Australia’s bushfire threat

James Plested Bushfires have always been part of Australia. Even before the first human settlers arrived around 50,000 years ago, fires sparked by lightning strikes were a feature of the landscape for at least 30 million years. Reflecting this long history, scientists estimate that about 70 percent of A...CONTINUE READING

The undoing of social democracy

Rick Kuhn “Pasokisation” is a term for the collapse in support for social democratic parties. It is associated with the rise in support for the far right and fascists. In 2009, the Pan-Hellenic Socialist Party, whose acronym in Greek is Pasok, won 44 percent of the vote and a majority of seats in pa...CONTINUE READING

Political correctness and the rise of the right: an interview with Jeff Sparrow

Roz Ward Trump, Brexit, One Nation: can you comment on the context of the book and why you decided something like this needed to be written? The honest answer is that I was asked to write something reflecting on Trump by my then editor at Scribe. In the immediate wake of the 2016 presidential elect...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism creates the problems, socialism could solve them

James Plested You don’t need a degree in political science to know that our current leaders are a useless bunch of numpties. There’s no shortage of problems in society, yet the political and business elites who run the show seem to have no clue what to do about them. Whether it’s the lack of affordable...CONTINUE READING

The first Communist in parliament 

Roz Ward In his maiden speech to the Queensland parliament in 1944, Australia’s only Communist MP left no room for doubt about what distinguished him from the self-serving cretins who usually inhabit the halls of power: “So far as I am concerned, in this house I represent and stand clearly for one...CONTINUE READING