The nasty business of cricket

Justen Bellingham The struggle between administrators and players is a re-emerging theme in Australian cricket. Cricket boards typically seek to monopolise power, unilaterally issue directives and manage the game singlehandedly. Players have responded by demanding greater opportunity to participate in crick...CONTINUE READING

The problem with identity politics

Louise O’Shea The label “identity politics” is applied to a range of positions and practices, the key unifying features of which are sectional approaches to challenging oppression and the prioritisation of subjective experience. These can be highly theorised or simply reflect a common sense based on wha...CONTINUE READING

Bubble trouble: Australia’s free market housing failure

Ben Hillier To understand the scale of the current property boom, consider that the number of fixed cranes atop dedicated residential projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is greater than the combined total of New York, Boston, Washington (DC), Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco,...CONTINUE READING

The ALP, pioneer of neoliberalism

Tom Bramble Former treasurer Wayne Swan denies that the Hawke and Keating governments of 1983-96 and the Rudd and Gillard governments of 2007-13 were responsible for the introduction and maintenance of neoliberal policies in Australia. While accepting, indeed boasting of, Hawke and Keating’s “economic...CONTINUE READING

How to get mental toughness like the filthy rich

Ben Hillier Steve Siebold talks to rich people. A lot. A founder of the US-based Siebold Success Network and publisher of the Mental Toughness blog, Steve teaches people about “the secret they call Tiger Mentality”. His 2010 book, How Rich People Think , based on hundreds of interviews with millionair...CONTINUE READING

Women, class and the Bolsheviks

Sandra Bloodworth Most accounts of the Russian Revolution of 1917 rightly emphasise the role of women workers in Petrograd on International Women’s Day (IWD), when their strikes sparked the mass movement that overthrew the tsar. But then they disappear regarding the rest of the year – except for the women’s...CONTINUE READING

A new world disorder

Ben Hillier Things used to be different. For more than 70 years, the generally accepted position within the United States ruling class was that the country would stand at the apex of a Western order governed by treaties and institutions that advance the general interest of all states involved, the US...CONTINUE READING

How workers won penalty rates

Mick Armstrong The Turnbull government’s backing of the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash penalty rates for Sunday and public holiday work is the latest round in a long battle over a key working condition. The struggle for decent penalty rates in Australia goes back at least as far as the campaign...CONTINUE READING

Paul Robeson’s extraordinary life

Allyson Hose On 12 June 1956, Paul Robeson faced the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) as part of an investigation into the use of passports “in the furtherance of the objectives of the Communist conspiracy”. Things did not go quite as the committee intended. In round after round of “verbal...CONTINUE READING