Supplements scandal shows Hird unfit to coach

Ben Hillier Imagine for a moment the following scenario. Employees at a medium sized company are brought before a group of their managers and asked to participate in a trial to increase work productivity. The pressure to participate is immense: the employees are all on contracts, and it is very diffic...CONTINUE READING

Trust them both ... to screw us over

Ben Hillier There is one thing certain to come out of the 2013 federal election: the contest will be won by a right wing pro-big business party intent on attacking workers and the poor. The backdrop to this year’s poll is the unwinding of the mining investment boom and the softening of the economic ou...CONTINUE READING

When the press was revolutionary

Ben Hillier “Every editor, being assumed to be a criminally disposed person and naturally inclined to blasphemy and sedition, had to enter into sureties. Every person possessing a printing-press or types for printing and every type-founder was ordered to give notice to the Clerk of the Peace. Every pe...CONTINUE READING

Rudd on Rudd: Kev’s nephew speaks out

Ben Hillier “Who would have thought I’d be swept into this shit again?” Van Rudd is beaming about the prospect of sitting for another interview about the Labor leadership, a subject in which he actually has very little interest. Apart from his surname, there is little to associate the 40-year-old radi...CONTINUE READING