Understanding the Greens

Ben Hillier As state-based Greens organisations began coalescing into a nationally federated party in the 1990s, Tasmanian Greens leader Bob Brown, with philosopher Peter Singer, penned The Greens , a party manifesto in which they confidently predicted: “[T]he vacuum in the politics of social justice...CONTINUE READING

Bubble trouble: Australia’s free market housing failure

Ben Hillier To understand the scale of the current property boom, consider that the number of fixed cranes atop dedicated residential projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is greater than the combined total of New York, Boston, Washington (DC), Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco,...CONTINUE READING

Hanson supporters sook over mural

Azlan McLennan, Ben Hillier The side exterior wall of Newtone Betta Home Living in Footscray is well muraled. One orange-faced character, shown in four stages of life, could be straight out of Motörhead. He goes from moustache to goatee to pencil mo then full angular styling, with a constant full black mullet as his...CONTINUE READING

Comedy Company at the Magistrates’ Court as fascists wait for hearing

Ben Hillier “It’s no different to what was on the Paul Hogan show or the Comedy Company.” Steven Joyce is standing on the footpath outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. He’s here to support far right United Patriots Front (UPF) members Blair Cottrell, Chris Shortis and Neil Erikson. The trio have...CONTINUE READING

A political shift masking an economic assault

Ben Hillier Two weeks after the federal budget, we need to separate the political narrative from the economic reality. On one hand, we have what seems a profound shift. A Liberal Party that originally came to office with histrionics about a “fiscal emergency” and a debt and deficit “disaster”, which r...CONTINUE READING

A federal budget for business, as usual

Ben Hillier Don’t believe the hype about a volte-face. It’s business as usual for the federal Liberal government – under the latest three-word slogan, “security, opportunity, fairness”. The government remains politically constrained after the 2014 overreach, as evidenced by its new-found love of “good...CONTINUE READING

How to get mental toughness like the filthy rich

Ben Hillier Steve Siebold talks to rich people. A lot. A founder of the US-based Siebold Success Network and publisher of the Mental Toughness blog, Steve teaches people about “the secret they call Tiger Mentality”. His 2010 book, How Rich People Think , based on hundreds of interviews with millionair...CONTINUE READING

A terror whose name we dare not speak

Ben Hillier Money corrupts. And too many young men are being seduced and radicalised by its lure. Greed-fuelled extremism is not a new phenomenon. Many communities have dealt with it, going back millennia. In the 8th century BC, Amos, a contemporary of Isaiah, thundered against the wealthy of Sion, th...CONTINUE READING

A new world disorder

Ben Hillier Things used to be different. For more than 70 years, the generally accepted position within the United States ruling class was that the country would stand at the apex of a Western order governed by treaties and institutions that advance the general interest of all states involved, the US...CONTINUE READING