Shorten thinks pesky voters should be less involved in politics

Diane Fieldes If you want a candid confession of who the parliamentarians really work for, just check out former minister Matt Canavan taking a moment to note on Facebook that it had “been such an honour to represent the Australian mining sector over the past year”. Survey after survey indicates that mo...CONTINUE READING

Let’s not hear it for detente

Allen Myers I agree with Corey Oakley’s criticism (Red Flag 99) of the fixation of most US liberals on the suspected collaboration between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign, which has been amplified by the Trump-Putin meetings in Hamburg. This focus distracts fro...CONTINUE READING

Does it matter if Trump is in bed with Russia?

Corey Oakley Emails released by Donald Trump Jr last week, just before they were published by the New York Times , make it clear that the Trump camp, at the very least, attempted to collude with the Russian government during last year’s presidential campaign. Cue complete crazy from the Russia-obsessed...CONTINUE READING
Chris Uhlmann

Chris Uhlmann is a tool

Ben Hillier Chris Uhlmann went viral and liberals lost their minds. The ABC political editor’s two-minute “takedown” of US president Donald Trump for the Insiders program on 9 July was masterful, they said. It was shared and retweeted tens of thousands of times. Like the fallen, crushed of heart and e...CONTINUE READING

A meeting of kings

Sarah Garnham French president Emmanuel Macron is very short. Like Napoleon. He is also very young. Like Napoleon. And Macron’s adoration for Napoleon is profound. He is the most king-like leader the French republic has ever had. So where better for Macron to take his guest of honour, Donald Trump, than...CONTINUE READING

The ABC should be held to account for lies that justified NT intervention

Diane Fieldes Ten years ago, the Howard government, with the support of the Labor opposition, sent the military to occupy 73 Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, an act so racist that the parliament had to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act to do it. The NT Intervention’s proclaimed just...CONTINUE READING

You know we’re in trouble when the Reserve Bank sounds Bolshie on wages

Tom Bramble After decades of alarms by bosses, central bankers and conservative politicians that even the smallest increase in wages is about to develop into a full-scale “wages breakout” driving the economy to ruin, the very same people are now lining up to lament the fact that wages are now growing...CONTINUE READING

Liberal Party’s ‘fair go’ failure

Ben Reid It's a peculiar image to launch a website with. Picture a ramshackle milk bar somewhere in suburban Victoria, accompanying an opinion piece headlined “From laissez faire to much, much fairer”. Such is the way that – the Liberal Party’s foray into online campaigning – chose to...CONTINUE READING

Pauline, go to the bottom of the class

Allen Myers Pauline Hanson has kept her name in the news by saying that children with autism or other disabilities should be taught in separate classrooms. In a speech whose syntax would have disqualified her for citizenship if the government’s planned English proficiency test were in effect, Hanson s...CONTINUE READING