Pauline, go to the bottom of the class

Allen Myers Pauline Hanson has kept her name in the news by saying that children with autism or other disabilities should be taught in separate classrooms. In a speech, the syntax of which would have disqualified her for citizenship if the government’s planned English proficiency test were in effect,...CONTINUE READING

Chinese influence peddling is amateur hour compared to the US

Mick Armstrong Would you believe it? Wealthy Chinese businesspeople and the Chinese government bribe Australian politicians, try to influence community leaders, solicit favourable media coverage, intimidate Chinese international students and democratic rights advocates and engage in spying. A special Fai...CONTINUE READING

Why Albo’s no Jez

Daniel Taylor For an ashen-faced bureaucrat who has spent 20 years quietly decaying in the House of Representatives, Anthony Albanese displays a stunning capacity to fire the imaginations of certain demographics. He is “Hot Albo” on the internet when a 30-year-old photograph of him with an earring inspi...CONTINUE READING

Lindt siege report calls for new reactionary measures

Diane Fieldes More than two years after the Lindt Cafe siege, the NSW coroner has handed down 45 recommendations for sweeping changes in how police should respond to future terrorism events. Unsurprisingly, in today’s climate of normalised Islamophobia, they are aimed first and foremost at Muslims. The...CONTINUE READING

Our movement has too few fighters like Marty

Kath Larkin On 19 May the Rail, Tram and Bus Union lost a stalwart and comrade, Marty McGrath. Marty started working in the railways in 1991 as a shunter and continued in the industry working on various projects in various roles until illness forced him into retirement in 2015. He held a number of pos...CONTINUE READING

The bankruptcy of Merkel’s liberal cheer squad

Mick Armstrong The liberal press are hailing German chancellor Angela Merkel as the champion of the “free world”, a defender of civilisation against the barbarian hordes led by Donald Trump. In a paean for Merkel, the Guardian ’s Suzanne Moore wrote, “Theatrics don’t interest her but there is a vision, a...CONTINUE READING

‘Globalists’ versus ‘nationalists’ is a hopeless way to understand politics

Robert Narai Both the far right and the liberal establishment claim the political map has been redrawn. Gone are the days of the “left-right” division: the main political divide now, we are told, is between “globalists” and “nationalists”. In one respect, they are correct. The parties of the centre lef...CONTINUE READING

The beginning of the end for identity politics?

Daniel Lopez In 2015, Rachel Dolezal, who had for years passed as Black, was exposed as having Caucasian parents. She was accused of blackface and epitomising white privilege. Unsurprisingly, she was ruined. In a recent autobiography, she defined herself as “transracial”. The feminist journal Hypatia t...CONTINUE READING

Q&A’s extreme vetting still can’t keep out dissent

Carl Jackson The special post-budget episode of Q&A , featuring education minister Simon Birmingham, demonstrated the absurd lengths to which the government and media will go to suppress any critical voice or opinion – especially those that point out the class war nature of this latest federal budget....CONTINUE READING