The Liberal Party is a cabal of bullies

Sarah Garnham The Liberal Party is a cabal of bullies. They subject a long list of victims to continual harassment and abuse, and escalate their attacks at every opportunity. One frequent target is the trade union movement. Last year, then employment minister Michaelia Cash ordered the federal police to...CONTINUE READING

Rioting refugees should be defended

Aran Mylvaganam A riot in Yongah Hill in Western Australia has again highlighted the appalling conditions in asylum seeker detention centres. A suicide attempt by a 22-year-old Iraqi refugee, Saruuan Aljhelie, on 2 September resulted in protests and the burning of mattresses. Several days later, Saruuan d...CONTINUE READING

Bannon gets kid glove treatment on the ABC

Vashti Kenway The ABC’s Sarah Ferguson delivered one of the most pathetic interviews of the year on Monday night. The Four Corners presenter gave US far right figure Steve Bannon free rein to outline his reactionary ideology, and failed to challenge almost any of his lies. The first of these was Bannon’...CONTINUE READING

What’s behind the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation?

Lily Campbell University of Sydney vice-chancellor Michael Spence has spent many months in negotiations with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, causing a great stir on campus and in the national media. The $3 billion centre – established with a bequest from private healthcare tycoon and greates...CONTINUE READING

Kids getting together to watch a fight is an Australian tradition

Mick Armstrong The media are absolutely relentless when it comes to demonising the “un-Australian” behaviour of Sudanese youth. The latest threat to the very fabric of white Western civilisation occurred in the outer Melbourne suburb of Taylors Hill, when a crowd of 50 or so South Sudanese teenagers gath...CONTINUE READING

The ‘March for Men’ is nothing but misogyny

Chris di Pasquale “I’m not going to apologise for supporting men … I won’t be shamed into backing down.” With these brave words, Melbourne University journalism graduate Sydney Watson is rallying all the bleeding hearts who cry at night over the plight of that oppressed and abandoned social group – men. At...CONTINUE READING

Cottrell outcry shows it is right to counter the fascists

Vashti Kenway At last. The mainstream media are finally printing what Melbourne’s anti-fascist campaign has been saying for years. Blair Cottrell is a Nazi. It doesn’t take a genius, and it shouldn’t have taken this long. After all, the guy called for a picture of Hitler to be hung in every school more...CONTINUE READING

The real criminals are in parliament and the media

Vashti Kenway Melbourne Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe has a saying: “Australia is a crime scene”. He uses the phrase at almost every rally. In his speeches, Robbie flips the idea of crime. The criminals, the murderers and thieves, are not in Australia’s prisons; they are in the establishment, overse...CONTINUE READING

Neoliberalism and the individual

Daniel Lopez In The History of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky suggests that peasants for the first time won a sense of the importance of their individuality during the February 1917 revolution. At first glance, this seems strange: isn’t individuality natural? Trotsky did not think so. Rather, ind...CONTINUE READING