Bolt’s fans understand what he means

Diane Fieldes A month ago, Andrew Bolt used his Herald Sun column (“We’re paying for the teaching of Marxist politics”) to attack a number of academics who had the temerity to be speakers at the Marxism conference in Melbourne this Easter. It contained the usual defamatory gems, and his regular inabilit...CONTINUE READING

Brandis and Crikey combine to attack a boycott with bite

Kim Doyle After a determined boycott by artists, the Sydney Biennale arts festival announced in March that it was cutting ties with Transfield, which was recently awarded a contract to manage offshore detention centres. Arts minister George Brandis chastised the festival and threatened to withdraw f...CONTINUE READING

A faulty critique on Venezuela

Mick Armstrong Sam King ( Red Flag 19) criticises Mike Gonzalez’s article on Venezuela ( Red Flag 18) for not offering a concrete assessment of the way forward. Yet Sam offers neither a concrete assessment nor concrete proposals for how to stand up to the current right wing offensive in Venezuela. Some o...CONTINUE READING

Concrete analysis needed on Venezuela

Sam King Mike Gonzalez ( Red Flag March 3) tells us, “What can save the Bolivarian project ... is for the speculators and bureaucrats to be removed, and for popular power to be built, from the ground up, on the basis of a genuine socialism”. However, the Venezuelan revolution is isolated. The only...CONTINUE READING

Why you should take your kid to a protest

Cathy Lewis At six months old my daughter started to attend protests with me. Tucked safely into her little pouch, she would sleep blissfully through boisterous chants and speeches, her little head nodding off as we marched through the streets surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of noisy peop...CONTINUE READING

Big Brother is doing more than just watching

Jo Mettam Spy agencies the world over like to pretend that they keep the rest of us safe. Recent revelations from the Edward Snowden leaks have shown yet again what a blatant lie that is. The Intercept and NBC have published a range of presentations by the British spy agency GCHQ, which outline a ra...CONTINUE READING

An unhealthy dose of corporate meddling

Louise O’Shea Tony Abbott is minister for women and the junk food industry is running the health portfolio. All that’s left to complete the picture is for Ivan Milat to be bumped into the tourism department. The office of the Assistant Health Minister, Fiona Nash – appointed after The Hamburglar decline...CONTINUE READING

Sorry chromosomes, it’s not about you

Liz Ross In early February, Michael Bailey, a psychologist at Northwestern University in Illinois, announced that his team’s study of gay men “shows that there are genes involved in male sexual orientation”. What the results actually showed was that there were some similar gene sequences on two chr...CONTINUE READING

Left needs latte liberalism like a hole in the head

Corey Oakley Gerard Henderson might not be as bright as your average gibbering idiot, but his pug-faced sanctimony is still damned annoying. So giving him an open paddock in which to kick around tired clichés from the culture wars does not exactly count as doing the world a favour. Which is why Morris...CONTINUE READING