South Korean Marxist economics after Soohaeng Kim

Seongjin Jeong Seongjin Jeong, professor of economics at Gyeongsang National University, pays tribute to Soohaeng Kim, the “Godfather of Marxist economics” in South Korea. First published at . ---------- Professor Soohaeng Kim, South Korea’s most well-known Marxist economist, died of a heart...CONTINUE READING

Indian workers stage 150 million-strong strike

Shail Shah An estimated 150 million workers struck in India on 2 September in what was possibly the largest general strike in history. The strike, called by 10 union federations, affected the banking, transport and manufacturing industries; schools, mines and entire cities also were shut down. The ac...CONTINUE READING

Tianjin explosion not an isolated incident

Hui Xiamei More than two weeks after a huge explosion in a Ruihai International Logistics warehouse in the port city of Tianjin, the official death toll stands at 129. It is unclear if this is accurate, and the state’s attempt to silence rumours on social media that the figure is higher has increased...CONTINUE READING

West Papuans commemorate a day of betrayal

Ben Hillier “West Papuans know this day, 15 August, as ‘Betrayal Day’.” Jacob Rumbiak, a veteran leader of the West Papuan nationalist movement, is speaking at a Melbourne commemoration of the signing of the New York Agreement. Similar protests, events and meetings have been held around the world in s...CONTINUE READING

The Japanese anti-war resistance during WWII

Kaye Broadbent and Tom O’Lincoln This article is based on a chapter from Fighting on all fronts: popular resistance in the Second World War , edited by Donny Gluckstein. The book will have its Australian launch on 21 August at the New International Bookshop, Trades Hall, Melbourne. ---------- Histories of wartime Japan in...CONTINUE READING

China after the boom

Tom Bramble After three decades of spectacular growth, the Chinese economy is at a turning point. The plunge in the stock market that has wiped trillions of dollars from the value of China’s listed companies is just one part of the story. More significant is the fact that growth is now at its lowest l...CONTINUE READING

China stock market crash shows madness of the market

Tom Bramble The Chinese stock market plunge over the past three weeks confirms that no matter how much the champions of capitalism pretend that it generates riches for the many, it remains an anarchic system responsible for the ruination of millions. On 12 June, shares peaked – having grown by 150 per...CONTINUE READING

Week-long mass protest rocks Shanghai

Hui Xiamei The Shanghai region is one of the most important motors of Chinese capitalism. However, the city’s political conservatism is as clear as its economic strength. Unlike cities in the Pearl River Delta, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Shanghai rarely is the location of mass protests or sizeab...CONTINUE READING

Pro-democracy students throw down a challenge in Thailand

Giles Ji Ungpakorn Giles Ji Ungpakorn, exiled Thai socialist and dissident, comments on recent events under the military dictatorship of Prayut Chan-ocha, which took power last year. ---------- Brave young pro-democracy student activists, who call themselves the “New Democracy Movement” and the “Dao-Din” stu...CONTINUE READING