Raising class consciousness in Indonesia

Sherr Rinn Indonesian socialist Sherr Rinn writes of the need to bring radical politics into the labour movement, which is still hampered by the huge defeats of the Suharto era. The article was first published at Solidaritas.net Media Centre . ---------- In 2012, the Indonesian labour movement experi...CONTINUE READING

Police attack ferry disaster protesters in South Korea

Kim Bullimore South Korean police on 16 April attacked a peaceful rally of more than 10,000 people in Seoul as they marked the one year anniversary of the Sewol Ferry disaster, which resulted in the deaths of 304 passengers, the majority of whom were high school students. The protest, led by grieving fa...CONTINUE READING

Making a killing: Rana Plaza and the global garment industry

Jerome Small The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building is the bloodiest disaster in the history of the garment industry. Socialist Alternative’s industrial organiser Jerome Small visited the scene, just outside Dhaka in Bangladesh, late last year. ---------- Early November, 2014. It’s my first da...CONTINUE READING

Chinese state cracks down, but workers keep fighting

Sid Zoichi The International Center for Joint Labor Research (ICJLR) in Guangzhou, China, was closed down without notice last November. The Center was established in 2010 by the University of California, Berkeley, and China’s Sun Yat-sen University. It was the first international research institution...CONTINUE READING

China’s workers on the defensive, but still fighting

Sid Zoichi The death of Zhou Xiuyun, a migrant worker in the north China city of Taiyuan, once again has revealed the intensity of China’s class oppression. Last December, a group of workers were denied entry to a construction site when they tried to demand unpaid wages. After a minor scuffle between...CONTINUE READING

MERDEKA! Struggle and survival in West Papua

Ben Hillier Simon Degei sat amid the ground cover, a gaping hole in his right shoulder obscured by a bloodied tank-top, and his face covered in dirt. It is difficult to tell from the picture precisely how long he had left. But Degei is looking to the sky and his gaze is distant; these are his last mom...CONTINUE READING

South Korea's 'abandonment of democracy'

Kim Bullimore In an unprecedented ruling late last year, South Korea’s Constitutional Court outlawed the largest social democratic party in the country, the Unified Progressive Party (UPP), and disqualified all five of its elected representatives in the National Assembly. The ruling came in response to...CONTINUE READING

Labour organiser murdered in the Philippines

There are many parts of the world where labour organising, fighting for decent working conditions, increased pay or land reform, can cost people their lives. Tragically, that seems to have been the case recently in the Philippines. Comrade Rolando Pango, a farm worker leader on the island...CONTINUE READING

The suicide of Xu Lizhi (许立志)

Ben Hillier The nets installed to catch workers leaping from factory roofs at Foxconn’s Longhua Science and Technology Park didn’t prevent Xu Lizhi from killing himself on 30 September. Whether he jumped or did it another way is not so clear from afar. The gargantuan plant, located in China’s Pearl Ri...CONTINUE READING