On the streets in Hong Kong

Sid Zoichi Sid Zoichi is currently on the ground in Hong Kong reporting for Red Flag. Follow @RedFlag_news on Twitter for updates. ---------- Almost immediately on landing in Hong Kong, I experienced the impact of the protest movement: the route A11 bus that connects the airport and CBD couldn’t get...CONTINUE READING

Hong Kong erupts

Sid Zoichi Sid Zoichi is currently on the ground in Hong Kong reporting for Red Flag. Follow @RedFlag_news on Twitter for updates and redflag.org.au for interviews and reports. An inspiring protest movement has swept Hong Kong. Normally, you only find news of this city in the travel and stock market...CONTINUE READING

Mass protests grow on the streets of Hong Kong

Sue Sparks Sue Sparks from British group rs21 reports on the protests growing on the streets of Hong Kong. The mass protests on the streets of Hong Kong over the past few days have been inspiring. The protests started with university students holding class boycotts and then public lectures in central...CONTINUE READING

The struggle of Cambodian garment workers

Ly Pisey Workers are living in fear after a bloody crackdown and imprisonment of labour activists – the repressive response from the Cambodian government to a garment workers’ protest in January that demanded a US$160 monthly wage. Police fired on the strikers, killing at least four, and then arres...CONTINUE READING

Anger continues over ferry tragedy

Kim Bullimore More than 30,000 South Koreans joined a candlelight protest on 17 May to demand that the right wing Park Geun-hye government take responsibility for the Sewol ferry disaster. The Sewol capsized on 16 April with 476 people on board. However, due to a botched rescue attempt by government aut...CONTINUE READING

Mass resistance to the coup smashes political myths

Giles Ji Ungpakorn The most striking thing about this coup d’état is the speed and size of the anti-coup protests. For the last three days, immediately following the coup, mass protests of ordinary people have simultaneously erupted in many areas of Bangkok but also in Chiangmai and other towns. This is hist...CONTINUE READING

Thai military junta shows its true colours

Liam Ward Last week’s military coup in Thailand was no surprise to pro-democracy activists on the ground, coming after two days of martial law and eight years of political crisis and resistance. Upon formally seizing power the junta immediately shut down all TV and radio broadcasts, banned political...CONTINUE READING

International boycott called as Tamils remember genocide

Kim Doyle For Tamils around the world, 18 May is a day of mourning and remembrance. This year marked the fifth anniversary of the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils during the final months of the island’s civil war. More than 70,000 Tamils were murdered by the majority Sinhalese government; at least 100,...CONTINUE READING

Crony capitalism and the South Korean ferry tragedy

Kim Bullimore The tragic death of more than 300 South Korean students last month has revealed starkly the menace of neoliberal economics. The students were aboard the Sewol ferry, on a school trip, when it capsized with 476 passengers and crew on board. Only 170 people managed to escape. Hopes for the r...CONTINUE READING