Remembering the battle of Cable Street

Janey Stone Cable Street in Stepney looks like any other street in London’s East End. But in October 1936 it was the scene of events that marked a generation. In the 1930s, the East End contained nearly half the total Jewish population in Britain. A large proportion were immigrants or the offspring of...CONTINUE READING

Vale Val Macarow, a tireless campaigner

Janey Stone, Keely Macarow Val Macarow, a lifelong activist for many causes, most notably the Movement Against Uranium Mining (MAUM) and the anti-nuclear movement, died on 9 March at the age of 87. Val’s Jewish grandparents had escaped from pogroms in Russia, and she grew up in a working class family in Carlton. “Th...CONTINUE READING

Vale Zelda D’Aprano, a fighter for women’s liberation

Janey Stone Zelda D’Aprano, famous for chaining herself to the railings of the Commonwealth Building in Melbourne in 1969 to demand equal pay for women, died on 21 February, aged 90. Zelda was born into a working class Jewish family in Carlton in 1928. Following her mother’s example, she became a memb...CONTINUE READING

Not the first time refugees have been demonised by the powerful

Janey Stone The Western powers lack of interest in refugees from totalitarian regimes is not new. The period after Hitler came to power in 1933 was marked by increasingly virulent attacks on Jews. In 1938, US president Franklin Roosevelt initiated a conference at Evian-les-Bains, France, supposedly to...CONTINUE READING

The radical history of International Women’s Day

Janey Stone International Women’s Day has become mainstream in recent years. But historically it was a socialist event. Clara Zetkin, a leading member of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the early 1900s, argued that the working class would never win its battles without women and raised the...CONTINUE READING

Which side are you on? A tribute to Pete Seeger

Janey Stone The Victorian Trades Hall Council is flying its flag at half-mast. Their epitaph says it all: “Pete Seeger, your work is your monument”. The Facebook site for the 30th anniversary of the British Miners’ strike is overwhelmed by tributes. All around the world, people are mourning the world’...CONTINUE READING