Defend Tarneen Onus-Williams

Gavin Stanbrook On 26 January, some of the biggest Invasion Day mobilisations for Aboriginal rights in the past decade were held in the east coast capitals. Yet the main focus of the media has been a speech given by Tarneen Onus-Williams, Aboriginal activist and organiser of the Melbourne rally. Onus-Will...CONTINUE READING

There is nothing to celebrate about Invasion Day

Gavin Stanbrook January 26 is, and always has been, Invasion Day. It marks the day the British colonised this country and brought with them the exploitative and oppressive practices that made the British Empire so barbaric, yet so profitable. It’s an annual punch in the face for Aboriginal people, a day s...CONTINUE READING

Hundreds picket UTS as part of strike

Gavin Stanbrook Hundreds of National Tertiary and Education Union members at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) were out on strike on 19 October. The 24-hour industrial action was a response to management’s refusal to concede on key demands in enterprise bargaining, specifically related to job secu...CONTINUE READING

Roger Rogerson, rotten apple in a festering barrel

Gavin Stanbrook Infamous corrupt NSW detective Roger Rogerson has been found guilty of murdering Jamie Gao. The court was presented with overwhelming evidence against Rogerson and his co-convicted former police officer Glen McNamara. Rogerson was known for considering himself judge, jury and executioner....CONTINUE READING

Bowraville murders: families still fighting

Gavin Stanbrook In 1990, my 16-year-old cousin Colleen Walker-Craig was murdered. She went missing from my home town of Bowraville on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Within months of her disappearance, two other children were also taken; Evelyn Greenup was 4 years old and Clinton Speedy-Duroux was...CONTINUE READING