‘We’re here and we’re the majority’: Invasion Day protests surge

Catherine Robertson Despite desperate attempts by prime minister Scott Morrison to breathe life into Australia Day – pledging millions of dollars to build a replica of Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour, to re-enact its circumnavigation of Australia, which it never did, and threatening to ban councils from ho...CONTINUE READING

Victorian bus drivers on strike

Catherine Robertson Bus routes across Victoria shut down on 10 July, as 600 bus drivers employed by CDC Victoria set up 24-hour pickets at five major depots. This was the first stop-work by bus drivers in Victoria in 20 years. The strike comes after four months of failed negotiations with the company. CDC has...CONTINUE READING

217 days out, Longford gas workers still resolute

Catherine Robertson 217 days. That’s how long striking workers have been picketing gas giant ExxonMobil at its Esso site in Longford, Victoria. The dispute began in June 2017, when Esso’s maintenance contractor UGL forced through a sham enterprise agreement that cut wages by 30 percent and introduced drastic...CONTINUE READING