Marching against fascists in Berlin

Oscar Sterner The first marchers reached Siegessäule two hours after leaving Alexanderplatz, six kilometres away. At the same time, the last of the demonstrators were just starting to march. The crowds did not disperse until well into the evening, after a six-hour street concert. You could march with re...CONTINUE READING

Belligerent Telstra cops resistance

Oscar Sterner When Telstra walked away from negotiations for a new enterprise agreement in late July, management were expecting to catch their workforce unawares. They put an offer on the table, refused to negotiate, and rushed through a vote. The bosses wanted to ensure the unions had as little chance...CONTINUE READING

Minimum wage case: Pennies for workers, billions for the rich

Oscar Sterner The Fair Work Commission awarded a pittance to workers on 1 June, increasing the minimum wage by 3.5 percent – an extra $24.30 per week. Although slightly ahead of inflation, this is less than half of the $50 weekly rise sought by the Australian Council of Trade Unions. According to the co...CONTINUE READING

Striking for their lives: Qube wharfies want an end to dangerous conditions

Oscar Sterner Bound for Singapore, the cargo ship Figaro was scheduled to leave a Melbourne port on 18 March. Instead, a dockworkers’ strike left the 75,000 tonne vehicle carrier stranded; its valuable cargo floating in Port Phillip Bay for days. Ships such as Figaro are responsible for moving 90 percen...CONTINUE READING

Poverty wages prop up airline profits

Oscar Sterner “Aerocare, you don’t care, pay your workers fair and square!” was the chant echoing through the grand space of Melbourne Airport’s departures terminal. Responsible for all the noise was a rally of workers who are all too familiar with the harsh reality behind the transport hub’s shining wh...CONTINUE READING