Mourn for the dead and fight like hell for the living

Oula Shihan Politicians have expressed “horror” and “shock” at the attack in New Zealand and now are scratching their heads, asking, “Who could have predicted this?” As a Muslim woman living in Australia I can tell you that I and any other Muslim could have predicted this. It wasn’t a question of whet...CONTINUE READING

The fight for Deebing Creek

Oula Shihan, Priya De Since early February, Indigenous activists and supporters have been camping at Deebing Creek, Ipswich, in protest at a developer’s plan to build flats on a former mission and heritage site. Red Flag spoke to Yuggera women Aunty Faye and Karen Coghill about Deebing Creek’s history and the c...CONTINUE READING

Marchers descend on the golden arches

Oula Shihan Dozens of protesters rallied outside the McDonald’s restaurant in Brisbane’s Queen Street mall – the largest McDonald’s in the southern hemisphere – on 12 January. They were protesting a recent statement made online by the restaurant’s franchisee, Tantex Holdings, threatening to ban worker...CONTINUE READING

Brisbane ferry workers take on Transdev

Oula Shihan Brisbane ferry workers docked their ferries and walked off the job for 48 hours on 6 December, following a year of failed negotiations with their employer, Transdev. They walked off again for 24 hours on 20 December and have flagged further industrial action in the new year. All sections o...CONTINUE READING