Morrison’s budget rewards the affluent, punishes the poor

Tom Bramble Scott Morrison’s latest Budget is nothing but a bunch of giveaways for the Coalition’s voting base of older, well-heeled, middle class Australians, and miserly scraps for the working class and poor. Far from being a budget for “low and middle income earners”, as the treasurer claims, the b...CONTINUE READING

The system is broken, but we can’t rely on the ALP to change the rules

Tom Bramble The system is broken. Soaring bonuses at the top, rampant wage theft below. Corporate rorts left unchecked in the executive suites, the full weight of the police, courts and governments thrown at unions taking action. The fat cats rolling in money, the mass of workers left to rot. Far from...CONTINUE READING

Why we should nationalise the banks

Tom Bramble The corporate slogan of the National Australia Bank is “More than money”. Could anything be further from the truth? For the banks, it’s only ever about money – money for senior executives, money for boards of directors and buckets more money for shareholders. The vast pools of money in the...CONTINUE READING

Are unions doomed to fail?

Tom Bramble It is often argued that the decline in employment in blue collar work, the closure of big factories, the impact of new technologies and privatisation and the growth of “non-standard” work (casualisation, outsourcing etc.) and job insecurity are responsible for falling unionisation rates be...CONTINUE READING

Marxism 2018 draws a record attendance

Tom Bramble The Marxism 2018 conference in Melbourne, organised by Socialist Alternative, drew a record attendance of almost 1,200 over the Easter weekend. Many of the more than 100 scheduled sessions were full houses. The conference attracted people from across Australia and New Zealand. Speakers fle...CONTINUE READING

Marxism conference kicks off in Melbourne

Tom Bramble The 2018 Marxism conference kicked off in Melbourne tonight. More than four hundred people packed into the Collingwood Town Hall to hear a panel of activists and socialists talk about “Fifty years since 1968: Rebuilding global resistance to capitalism”. Gavin Stanbrook, Indigenous activist...CONTINUE READING

Sally McManus and the crisis in the unions

Tom Bramble On her appointment to the position of ACTU secretary 12 months ago, Sally McManus lost no time in making a splash. On the day she stepped into the role, she appeared on the ABC’s 7.30 and told interviewer Leigh Sales, “I believe in the rule of law when the law is right. But when it’s unjus...CONTINUE READING

Where does inequality come from, and how can we end it?

Tom Bramble The richest 1 percent of Australians own more wealth than the bottom 70 percent combined. Far from being the Lucky Country where equality abounds, Australia is in the top half of the most unequal societies in the 35-member Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the rich cou...CONTINUE READING

Gov’t takes from the poor, gives to the rich

Tom Bramble It’s often said that you can judge a society by how it treats its most vulnerable. If the Coalition government and big business get their way, the vulnerable are about to get screwed big time, while the rich walk away with money pouring out of their pockets. The Turnbull government is tryi...CONTINUE READING