Government priorities, not immigrants, are to blame for city congestion

Tom Bramble The announcement on 7 August that Australia’s population has hit 25 million was greeted in many quarters with a loud wailing and gnashing of teeth. There are, we are told, too many immigrants. The obsession with immigration has long been the calling card of hard-core racists, who never saw...CONTINUE READING

Banks ripping off everyone

Tom Bramble Australia’s big financial institutions are a money-gouging oligopoly enriching senior management, board directors and shareholders while bleeding customers dry. A new report from the Productivity Commission, submitted to the government in June but only now released to the public, spells ou...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull government comes a cropper on Super Saturday

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull has boasted for months about his government’s success in pushing through a right wing economic agenda, shovelling money into the hands of the well-off at the expense of the working class. Big tax cuts for big business were to be the next cab off the rank. The media have be...CONTINUE READING

Trump escalates tensions with Europe

Tom Bramble Trump’s explosive interventions during his visit to Europe in mid-July – which included insulting German chancellor Angela Merkel during the NATO summit in Brussels and humiliating British prime minister Theresa May in an interview with Murdoch’s Sun newspaper – only confirm the widespread...CONTINUE READING

The Liberal vision for Australia

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull and treasurer Scott Morrison say that their $143 billion income tax cuts will benefit us all. They are “a win for working families”, says the prime minister. They say that the cuts will put money in our pockets – at least $530 in the next financial year for those earning l...CONTINUE READING

Shorten’s backflip over business tax ominous

Tom Bramble Bill Shorten’s announcement that a Labor government would repeal tax cuts to businesses with a turnover of between $10 million and $50 million unleashed a media and business offensive against the ALP leader. The Master Builders Association and the Council of Small Business Associations, us...CONTINUE READING

Political liberals sook about Trump not being aggressive enough

Tom Bramble You might think it’s good that World War Three didn’t break out this week after the Singapore summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korean chairman Kim Jong-un. Not so, according to a swathe of liberal opinion-makers disappointed that Trump didn’t give Kim a bloody nose. From...CONTINUE READING

A rogue state threatens the world with nuclear war. It’s not North Korea

Tom Bramble Is there any limit to the hypocrisy of the US over the pending North Korea summit in Singapore? If you listened to the White House and Pentagon, you’d get the impression that North Korea is the major threat to world peace. So far as Trump and his cronies are concerned, the main goal of the...CONTINUE READING

The problem with the Fair Work Act

Tom Bramble The Fair Work Act that is the target of the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign undermines wages and conditions and hamstrings trade unions. Passed by the Rudd Labor government in 2009, it is a particularly ugly piece of legislation, with many obvious problems. The Howard government’s WorkCho...CONTINUE READING