Palestinian morality and Israeli-US immorality

Barry Sheppard The world saw two starkly opposed moral cultures on 14 May. On one side were unarmed protesters in the Gaza Strip calling for the right of Palestinians to return to the homes and lands they were driven from by the creation of Israel 70 years ago. Palestinians call that the Nakba (“catastro...CONTINUE READING

The assassination of Martin Luther King

Barry Sheppard This year marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. The murder of one of the great Black leaders of the time by white racists with the complicity of the US government, most likely the FBI, stunned African Americans in the country. Immediately, violent uprisi...CONTINUE READING

Comey given the kid gloves while the FBI is exalted

Barry Sheppard The former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey, is on a tour promoting his new book, which attacks Trump. He is being given the kid gloves treatment. The Democrats, their supporters in the mass media and most self-styled “progressives” are on a drive to whitewash...CONTINUE READING

1 million march against gun violence

Barry Sheppard About 500,000 people, largely youth, demonstrated in Washington, DC, in late March, against the continued mass shootings at schools across the country. There were solidarity mobilisations with this “March for Our Lives”, totalling hundreds of thousands more in some 800 cities and towns. In...CONTINUE READING

Workers rebel in ‘Trump country’

Barry Sheppard An old lyric by early 20th century songwriter and labour activist Joe Hill goes: “There is power, there is power, when a band of working [people] stand, hand in hand!” A victorious strike by teachers in West Virginia, organised by rank and file teachers, 75 percent of whom are women, has d...CONTINUE READING

Trump accelerates attacks on immigrants

Barry Sheppard On top of US president Donald Trump’s blocking of immigrants from six majority-Muslim countries and his derision of countries in Africa, and Haiti and El Salvador as “shitholes”, his Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is stepping up deportations of immigrant rights activists...CONTINUE READING

Another fighter for Black rights dies at the hands of cops

Barry Sheppard Erica Garner, Black Lives Matter activist and daughter of African American Eric Garner, who was brutally murdered by New York City police in 2014, died on 30 December. She was 27 years old. The proximate cause of death was a heart attack, rare in one so young. The underlying cause was the...CONTINUE READING

California wildfires fanned by global warming

Barry Sheppard Wildfires north of San Francisco, in California’s wine country, exploded in early October, fanned by hot and dry winds. They have wreaked unprecedented damage. A week and a half later, the fires still burn. At least 41 people have been killed. While the fires started in hilly wooded areas,...CONTINUE READING

Puerto Rican crisis exacerbated by US imperialism

Barry Sheppard Puerto Rico is facing a humanitarian crisis after being hit by two hurricanes – a glancing blow by Irma and a direct hit by Maria. The full picture and extent of the damage to life, health, infrastructure, buildings, trees and much more will not be known for some time. The slow and grudgin...CONTINUE READING