Free movement, not indentured labour

Jordan Humphreys The Morrison government is considering a plan to force new migrants to settle in rural areas. Reluctant to implement outright immigration cuts given how important a factor immigration has been in helping sustain Australia’s economic growth, Morrison has wheeled this policy out so as to kee...CONTINUE READING

Young Nationals infiltrated by fascists

Jordan Humphreys The NSW Young Nationals, the youth wing of the National Party, has expelled one member, suspended two others and temporarily halted recruitment after supporters of the far right got one of their own elected to its national executive. The group, the New Guard, identify as fascists and share...CONTINUE READING

Government lies about emissions, power prices

Jordan Humphreys Late on the last Friday in September, while the attention of the media was focused on the imminent AFL and NRL grand finals, the federal government quietly released a report showing it has failed to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. Environment minister Melissa Price is trying to downplay...CONTINUE READING

We must challenge neoliberalism politically and economically

Jordan Humphreys I share many of Mark Jennings’ criticisms of Richard Denniss’ claim that neoliberalism is essentially dead. He points out weaknesses in Denniss’ arguments, particularly about the relationship between state intervention and market forces in neoliberal ideology and practice, and about neolib...CONTINUE READING

Foucault’s History of Sexuality

Jordan Humphreys Why should socialists care about Foucault’s History of Sexuality? He is, after all, widely promoted as the bald-headed and turtle-necked prophet of postmodernism, long the pseudo-radical arch rival to Marxism in the halls of academia. In his writings, many a smug first year social theory s...CONTINUE READING

Trump wants a wall, but Australia’s current border regime is worse

Jordan Humphreys The government’s proposal to ban any refugee sent to an offshore detention centre after 19 July 2013 from ever entering Australia is the latest move designed to further grind into the dirt those seeking asylum. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, politicians and bureaucrats we...CONTINUE READING

Spread Aussie torture, Turnbull tells UN

Jordan Humphreys “We need to see the world clear eyed as it is, not as we would like it to be, or as we fondly imagine it once was. Secure borders are essential. Porous borders drain away public support for multiculturalism, for immigration, for aid to refugees.” This is how Malcolm Turnbull tried to defen...CONTINUE READING

Police swarm in Sydney

Jordan Humphreys Sydney has never been a stranger to large numbers of police. In the last several years, however, their presence has blown out to an obscene level. On streets and highways, train carriages and bus stops, music festivals and sporting events, the various forces of “law and order” are swarming...CONTINUE READING

Sydney’s new Northern Beaches hospital to be privately owned

Jordan Humphreys For years, residents of the Northern Beaches in Sydney have been promised a new hospital. The Northern Beaches Hospital Plan now on the table is being driven by the needs of conservative politicians and private business interests. Rather than building a new public institution to help the s...CONTINUE READING