Striking envelope workers digging in

Steph Price A modest industrial dispute in the northern suburbs of Melbourne has become the latest flashpoint in the battle for the right to strike. Around 90 envelope production workers at the Australian Paper site in Preston – who have been out the gate since 16 January – were ordered back to work b...CONTINUE READING

CUB dispute: Police finally drop charge against ETU organiser

Steph Price Eighteen months, one Herald Sun cover, half a dozen national news articles and multiple court appearances after he was charged with assault, Victoria Police have dropped their case against Steven Diston, Electrical Trades Union organiser. Admitting they had no prospects of winning in court...CONTINUE READING

Striking paper workers won’t quit until company backs down

Steph Price Civil rights weren’t the only big winner out of the same sex marriage postal survey. Australia’s largest envelope producer – Australian Paper – did pretty well after getting the contract to supply the Bureau of Statistics with about 16 million survey envelopes. Now, after locking away an u...CONTINUE READING

Vic Labor sees ‘dollars, not people’ in public housing sell-off plan

Steph Price The Victorian Labor government continues to face resistance to its plan to sell large plots of public land across Melbourne. The land has been used for many decades for public housing and, in at least one case, was given to the state specifically for that purpose. Under the plan, public ho...CONTINUE READING

Is public housing a thing of the past?

Steph Price Most public housing in Australia is a monument to a different era, a time when governments built houses, just as they would schools and hospitals. Inconceivable to anyone born in the last 40 years, there was a period when the government was hungry for land to build things people could live...CONTINUE READING

Vic government plans Docklands-style apartments to push out public housing

Steph Price Opposition is growing to the Victorian state government’s audacious plan to demolish up to 11 public housing estates and sell the land to developers. More than 150 public tenants and supporters gathered in a park at the base of the Flemington high rise estates on 15 October to celebrate an...CONTINUE READING

Thousands of warehouse workers prepare for strike

Steph Price Around 2,000 workers in four Woolworths distribution centres have begun pursuing legally protected industrial action, the National Union of Workers lodging applications with the Fair Work Commission for protected action ballots. All of the sheds involved have histories of striking for impr...CONTINUE READING

Fat cats out to get giant rat

Steph Price A staple of union protests in the US, the plastic inflated rodent known as Scabby looks to have met his match in the lucky country. Scabby, a buck-toothed red-eyed rat with putrid body sores, is a constitutionally protected expression of free speech in his homeland. US courts have consiste...CONTINUE READING

Union protests Vic Labor’s NDIS privatisation

Steph Price, Jerome Small Hundreds of disability sector workers and their supporters rallied outside the Victorian state parliament on 12 May over the government’s plans to privatise Victoria’s disability support sector. Workers are furious about Labor premier Daniel Andrews trashing an election promise to keep dis...CONTINUE READING