Bannon gets kid glove treatment on the ABC

Vashti Kenway The ABC’s Sarah Ferguson delivered one of the most pathetic interviews of the year on Monday night. The Four Corners presenter gave US far right figure Steve Bannon free rein to outline his reactionary ideology, and failed to challenge almost any of his lies. The first of these was Bannon’...CONTINUE READING

Cottrell outcry shows it is right to counter the fascists

Vashti Kenway At last. The mainstream media are finally printing what Melbourne’s anti-fascist campaign has been saying for years. Blair Cottrell is a Nazi. It doesn’t take a genius, and it shouldn’t have taken this long. After all, the guy called for a picture of Hitler to be hung in every school more...CONTINUE READING

The real criminals are in parliament and the media

Vashti Kenway Melbourne Aboriginal activist Robbie Thorpe has a saying: “Australia is a crime scene”. He uses the phrase at almost every rally. In his speeches, Robbie flips the idea of crime. The criminals, the murderers and thieves, are not in Australia’s prisons; they are in the establishment, overse...CONTINUE READING

Andrew Nolch is an expression of growing far right confidence

Vashti Kenway The brutal rape and murder of young Melbourne woman Eurydice Dixon prompted an outpouring of public grief and outrage. Thousands of locals created a makeshift memorial of flowers and cards and left remembrances in Princess Park near the place where her body was found. A few days later, mou...CONTINUE READING

The logic of Israel’s brutality

Vashti Kenway In 2002, Israeli army chief Moshe Yaalon declared: “The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people”. More than any other quote from any other Israeli official, this statement reveals the heart of Israeli policy tow...CONTINUE READING

Understanding the Palestinian catastrophe

Vashti Kenway 15 May marks 70 years since the beginning of the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe), when more than 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their land by Zionist militias clearing the ground for the formation of the Israeli state. Before 1948, Palestine was contested territory. Afte...CONTINUE READING

1968: the year the unthinkable happened

Vashti Kenway 1968 has become known as the year of the student. Across the world, campuses were aflame with political activity. Students challenged university administrations and demanded student control over student life; they railed against racism and inequality in their own countries and fought imper...CONTINUE READING

College hazing rituals: turning today’s little darlings into tomorrow’s corporate monsters

Vashti Kenway A journalist once reportedly asked Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of Western civilisation. “I think it would be a good idea”, he is said to have replied. The release of a new report into hazing rituals at elite Australian university residential colleges has yet a...CONTINUE READING