Understanding Nick Xenophon and the South Australian election

Tom Gilchrist Nick Xenophon has become the main attraction in the lead-up to the 17 March South Australian election. The latest Morgan poll has his SA Best party on track to receive almost 30 percent of the vote – more than the ALP and just behind the Liberals. Xenophon is the world’s most boring populi...CONTINUE READING

Half of aged care residents malnourished – report

Eric Le Roy The crisis of funding in Australia’s aged care sector is resulting in a sharp deterioration in living and working conditions. Researchers have reported that malnutrition affects “at least one in two residents in Australian residential aged care facilities”. The findings, published in the j...CONTINUE READING

Another Aboriginal man murdered by cops

Lily Campbell I’m walking through Waterloo, Sydney, on 11 February, as smoking eucalyptus drifts through the muggy air. Ahead, 100 people are gathered in a housing commission car park, surrounding a colourful memorial of flowers, bottles, a snapback cap and an Aboriginal flag. The feeling of outrage is...CONTINUE READING

‘Cashless welfare’ a punitive fraud

Diane Fieldes In mid-February, the government announced that the trial of so-called cashless welfare cards at Ceduna, South Australia, and east Kimberley, Western Australia, was to continue for another year. A third trial area may be added. This is the scheme that Malcolm Turnbull declared last Septembe...CONTINUE READING

Concern grows for Tamil refugee removed from detention

The Tamil Refugee Council is demanding answers about the fate of a Tamil refugee who was last night handcuffed and removed from his room at the Broadmeadows detention centre (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation). “We had been in contact with Santharuban every two hours yesterday,”...CONTINUE READING

Why you should join the socialists

Omar Hassan It’s a difficult time to be a capitalist. Not from an economic perspective. Research by Oxfam reveals that an incredible 82 percent of wealth produced around the world last year went to the top 1 percent, and that the 1 percent in Australia now have more wealth than the bottom 70 percent o...CONTINUE READING

Impending deportation puts Tamil man in jeopardy

The Australian government’s decision to deport to Sri Lanka a former ranking member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) puts at risk his safety and possibly his life, the Tamil Refugee Council said on Thursday. Santharuban, the man in question, is subject to a United Nations Com...CONTINUE READING

The private health insurance scam

Mick Armstrong Private health insurance is a monumental rip-off that does nothing to deliver better health outcomes. Quite the opposite – it serves only to undermine public health. The only outcome the health insurance parasites are concerned about is the health of their bottom lines. Money desperately n...CONTINUE READING

Government funds miners at environment’s expense

James Plested A report by the Australian Conservation Foundation shows just how committed the government is to giving a “hand up” to one of Australia’s most profitable, and environmentally destructive, industries. According to the ACF analysis, the mining industry is set to receive $2.5 billion in fuel...CONTINUE READING