How we won marriage equality

Louise O’Shea On 27 May 2004, then prime minister John Howard announced his intention to amend the Marriage Act to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. The act was amended the following August. Two key events had precipitated this action. One was then US president George W. Bush’s vocal s...CONTINUE READING

The moral depravity at the heart of Australia’s refugee policy

Omar Hassan At a rally early last month in Sydney, the crowd heard from a refugee on Manus Island, Walid Zazai, who repeated a painfully simple refrain: “We are human beings”. The words have refused to be forgotten, reverberating and cascading as the conditions on Manus worsened. The significance of t...CONTINUE READING

Is public housing a thing of the past?

Steph Price Most public housing in Australia is a monument to a different era, a time when governments built houses, just as they would schools and hospitals. Inconceivable to anyone born in the last 40 years, there was a period when the government was hungry for land to build things people could live...CONTINUE READING

We have to stop Adani, but that’s just the start

James Plested The battle to stop the construction of Adani’s proposed new mega coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin is a defining environmental struggle of our time. If the mine goes ahead, it will be a catastrophe – not just for Australia, but for the entire planet. Once fully operational, the mine...CONTINUE READING

Australian conservatism’s intellectual impasse

Justen Bellingham The politically shrewd US novelist Norman Mailer once suggested that “the natural disease” of conservatism, “since it does hold so many fixed positions”, is oedema (a swelling caused by too much fluid retention in body tissue). Against this ever present mortal danger, Mailer continued, “th...CONTINUE READING

Revolutionary organisations and the history of the DSP

Rjurik Davidson When the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) dissolved into Socialist Alliance in 2010, what was once the largest revolutionary Marxist group in Australia effectively signed its own death certificate. Less than a decade later, the group is a shell of its former self, in both numbers and influ...CONTINUE READING

Melbourne protesters defy cops, challenge Milo Yiannopoulos

Vashti Kenway Last night in Melbourne, several hundred anti-fascist protesters joined with residents of the Flemington and Kensingston commission flats to protest notorious alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos. In defiance of police, out in force to facilitate a Nazi gathering, demonstrators congregated a...CONTINUE READING

Unite with your fellow workers, not the state!

Gaye Demanuele It has been a busy few weeks for activists in Melbourne. The Australian government forced a humanitarian crisis with its cruel treatment of refugees and asylum seekers held as political prisoners on Manus Island. Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton’s starvation and dehy...CONTINUE READING

We need to stand up against state violence on Manus and on our streets

Liz Walsh For three weeks refugees in the Manus prison camp have heroically resisted a siege. The Australian government has been attempting to break the men on Manus by scattering them between different prisons on the island. All food, water, electricity and medical support has been cut off since th...CONTINUE READING