Peaceful protest and civil liberties under attack by Queensland Police during Stolenwealth Games

We strongly condemn the actions of the Queensland police throughout the Stolenwealth Games protests, particularly in the lead up to the closing night ceremony where police have targeted known protest organisers. The police brutality at peaceful protests organised by the Stolenwealth Games...CONTINUE READING

Books not bombs!

Lily Campbell Australia is a global leader in exporting death and participating in predatory wars. And its ranking among warmongering states is only climbing. This was made clear in the Turnbull government’s 2016 Defence White Paper, which outlined “the largest [military] procurement program in Australi...CONTINUE READING

BP slip-up says it all about big business and the environment

James Plested It’s like something from satirical website the Onion or Australia’s Betoota Advocate. In a draft 2016 environment plan, slated for submission to the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority as part of its bid to begin oil drilling in the Great Australian Bi...CONTINUE READING

Designs against humanity

Eleanor Morley Homelessness is on the rise across the country; every night roughly 8,200 people are forced to fend for themselves on the cold and dirty streets of major Australian cities. This social crisis is not being met with more beds, welfare and compassion from those with the money, resources and l...CONTINUE READING

‘That’s all youse are good for’: footage shows real role of Victoria Police

Viktoria Ivanova “How tough are youse?”, asks disability pensioner John. His personal CCTV cameras show him hunched over on his front lawn, beaten and pepper-sprayed. The pain comes through in his voice. A cop shoots water at his face with a high-pressure garden hose while five others watch, some laughing,...CONTINUE READING

Building a campaign to change the rules

Jerome Small Over the coming weeks, tens of thousands of workers will take to the streets in mass rallies as part of the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ “Change the Rules” campaign. Union delegates meet in Melbourne on 17 April; they are likely to endorse a CBD rally for 9 May. Unions in other citi...CONTINUE READING

Marxism 2018 draws a record attendance

Tom Bramble The Marxism 2018 conference in Melbourne, organised by Socialist Alternative, drew a record attendance of almost 1,200 over the Easter weekend. Many of the more than 100 scheduled sessions were full houses. The conference attracted people from across Australia and New Zealand. Speakers fle...CONTINUE READING

Recycling crisis is capitalist business as usual

James Plested Recycling isn’t complicated. Households and businesses separate their recyclables from the rest of their rubbish and put them out for collection. This material then is supposed to be sorted and made into new products – a small but important contribution to sustainability in a world awash w...CONTINUE READING

Sally McManus and the crisis in the unions

Tom Bramble On her appointment to the position of ACTU secretary 12 months ago, Sally McManus lost no time in making a splash. On the day she stepped into the role, she appeared on the ABC’s 7.30 and told interviewer Leigh Sales, “I believe in the rule of law when the law is right. But when it’s unjus...CONTINUE READING