It’s not OK to vote No

Louise O’Shea It must be the most uninspiring rallying cry ever dreamt up by a political strategist: “It’s OK to vote no”. The sense of hope and optimism that has defined the iconic slogans of the great political movements of the 20th century – from Whitlam’s “It’s time” to May ’68’s “All power to the i...CONTINUE READING

A vicious turn in the class struggle

Jerome Small Penalty rates slashed. A renewed attack on the construction unions. Long-established conditions trashed at key industrial sites. And now, courtesy of Fair Work’s decision to scrap the enterprise agreement at Murdoch University, a renewed onslaught on white collar workers in government-owne...CONTINUE READING

Corporate sooks sue New Matilda

Independent media outlet New Matilda is facing a defamation case brought by the Seven Network. The legal action follows a March article by New Matilda contributor Michael Brull, which called out evening current affairs program Today Tonight for its “trashy standards of reporting” and “raci...CONTINUE READING

Rohingya in Australia’s detention centres offered a deal with the devil

Andrew Cheeseman Just when you might have thought that Australia’s refugee policy couldn’t get any worse, immigration minister Peter Dutton’s response to the Rohingya crisis proves that there is no limit to the government’s barbarism. Rohingya are denied citizenship in Myanmar, and the regime accuses them...CONTINUE READING

What happened to the lunar right’s hostility to homophobia?

Chris di Pasquale In the aftermath of last year’s Orlando, Florida, shooting, when 49 patrons of the gay night club Pulse were gunned down, some of the LGBTI community’s most vocal “defenders” came from the hard right. Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine linked the attack to her horror at watching vide...CONTINUE READING

You can't 'respectfully' deny people their rights

Louise O’Shea “I deplore disrespectful, abusive language, whether it is directed at young gay people or religious people.” So declared that sensitive soul Malcolm Turnbull in response to concerns raised about his farcical marriage equality postal survey. Presumably, he has been too busy managing his pro...CONTINUE READING

‘We can all stand proud in the world’: interview with Rohingya activist Shawfikul Islam

Liam Ward It’s a chilly Thursday morning in Melbourne, and more than 100 Rohingyas and their supporters are protesting in the so-called Paris End of Collins Street. Our aim is to highlight the rapidly escalating genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Across the street, the cloudy protest...CONTINUE READING

Welcome to the right side of history

Omar Hassan “Welcome to the right side of history!” bellowed Tim Blackman, just one of the many impassioned speakers at the historic rally for marriage equality on 10 September in Sydney. The declaration was met with deafening applause and cheers from the 50,000-strong crowd, the largest protest for L...CONTINUE READING

Fascists flail in Melbourne race hate trial

Corey Oakley It was 10.15 on Monday morning, and the true believers of Australia’s “patriot movement” weren’t happy. United Patriots Front (UPF) leader Blair Cottrell, along with Chris Shortis and Neil Erikson, were in court contesting various charges arising from a stunt outside a Bendigo Council buil...CONTINUE READING