Abbott to construction workers: drop dead

Jerome Small It’s a sickening equation, but not a surprising one. The Abbott government’s resurrection of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) will kill workers. I started working in commercial construction in Melbourne in the late 1990s. After any serious safety incident, the ent...CONTINUE READING

Serving themselves, and their masters

Editors The expenses scandal grows deeper by the week. Expenses for going to friends’ weddings. Expenses for going to the AFL grand final. Expenses to attend the Melbourne Cup. Expenses for ski trips. Expenses to attend the Tour de France. Expenses for cartoon and cook books. MPs are rushing to re...CONTINUE READING

Education for all, not just the rich!

Nick Everett During the federal election campaign, the Coalition unveiled its “Students First” schools policy, claiming to “deliver better education outcomes by providing more say for parents and teachers, a sound national curriculum, improved quality teaching, and certainty over school funding”. But t...CONTINUE READING

Queensland, the police state

Duncan Hart The Queensland state government, having made the decimation of public and community services its raison d’etre, is now embarking on a full blown law and order crusade. Coming on the back of new laws that will suspend civil liberties before and during the G20 conference in November 2014, th...CONTINUE READING

Climate and cuts a deadly mix in NSW

Jayesh Maharaj Emergency services are battling to contain more than 100 fires throughout NSW. One man is dead, the result of a heart attack while defending his house, and more than 200 homes have been destroyed. The CSIRO estimates that on average one life is lost for every 17 homes burnt down in bushfir...CONTINUE READING

The East West Link scam

Liz Walsh The East West Link is the Napthine government’s megaproject for Victoria. Connecting the Eastern Freeway with City Link, it will carve up the inner north with 18km of tunnel, toll road and a “spaghetti junction” of ramps. Ninety-six homes are to be acquired compulsorily and bulldozed. Hund...CONTINUE READING

Leighton scandal exposes corruption

Tom Bramble Every now and then a spotlight shines that allows us to see deep into the cesspit that is corporate Australia. A six-month inquiry by Fairfax journalists has revealed a sordid history of bribery and corruption at Leighton Holdings, a $23 billion construction and development company, in whi...CONTINUE READING

The culture of neoliberalism

Ben Hillier The left in Australia is weak. No force has come close to occupying the space of the old Communist Party or been able to provide a political vision that has gripped the minds of a new generation. We can point to innumerable “subjective” failures on the part of the leaders of the unions, th...CONTINUE READING

How Yallourn power workers won

Jerome Small After a 100 day lockout, 75 workers at the Yallourn power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley are celebrating a significant win. After a bruising industrial fight more than a decade ago, Yallourn workers were left with the worst enterprise agreement in Australia’s power generation industr...CONTINUE READING