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No NT nuclear waste dump!

Jon Lamb and Cathy Lawless Despite clear opposition from the Aboriginal traditional owners, the push for a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, continues. The campaign led by traditional owners to stop the waste dump is gearing up for the next stage...CONTINUE READING

Militant unionism can hold off Abbott

Jerome Small “Fair Work Unleashes Mob Rule – And It’s Spreading!” Every day over the past year, some hyperventilating headline writer had the job of proving that the Labor government was controlled by militant unions. Especially in the Murdoch press, claims of “mob rule”, a “staggering” level of strike...CONTINUE READING

We need free child care

Kate Jeffreys Child care in Australia is expensive and hard to find. Even when it’s available, stressed-out parents must run the gauntlet of morning traffic in the “double drop-off” – where one child attends school and another attends day care. The childcare industry itself is in crisis. According to th...CONTINUE READING

Disability plan is not all it seems

Lana Woolf DisabilityCare, formerly the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), has been sold as a historic advance in the provision of disability services in Australia. With its focus on “individualised support”, it’s claimed that the national scheme ushers in a new era of “choice and control”...CONTINUE READING

The limits of the Greens’ leftism

From one side of the country to the other, the Greens’ vote dropped in this election. In Tasmania, home of party elder statesman Bob Brown, their portion of the vote halved compared with the 2010 election. In Western Australia, they were down by around one-quarter, in Queensland by two-fif...CONTINUE READING

Rising anger at mainstream parties

Tom Bramble There is mass alienation from established politics. Increasing numbers feel that the big parties offer them nothing. The informal vote in the House of Reps contests rose to a record high of 5.9 percent, or nearly 700,000. In NSW, informal votes reached 7.7 percent and, in a string of worki...CONTINUE READING

Wipe the smile off Abbott’s face

Diane Fieldes We know what’s coming. Upon winning the election, Abbott declared Australia to be “under new management and open for business”. Abbott’s “Letter to the people of Australia”, brought to us by the Murdoch press immediately after the election, shows we’ll need to fight. It doesn’t mark any hu...CONTINUE READING

How Labor let the bastards in

Mick Armstrong In what passes for democracy in Australia, the vilest of the vile has won. Labor lost because for six years it ruled, just like the Liberals before it, for the big end of town and did nothing to advance the interests of its working class supporters. While hospitals, education, public trans...CONTINUE READING