Amber Maxwell, a rebel and a fighter

Lewis Todman The revolutionary socialist movement lost a great fighter on Saturday, 24 August. Amber Maxwell lived a difficult life. As a transgender woman, she found it impossible to find permanent work or accommodation. But through all her hardship, she put everything she had into the fight for socia...CONTINUE READING

Bad sport and bad blood

Lindsay Fitzclarence Scandal! The Essendon Football Club (EFC) “supplement scandal” has been the burning issue of the AFL 2013 season. During the long period of investigation by the AFL and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the corporate media have focused primarily on the tensions, ambiguities and...CONTINUE READING

The Liberal vision for a bosses’ Queensland

Paul DM Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party (LNP) has made clear its vision for Queensland: one inspired by the neoliberal method of attacking workers and defending the interests of the bosses and their profits. Newman has slashed jobs and services, attacked workers at every opportunity and l...CONTINUE READING

The hypocrisy of Honi Soit censorship

Mariana Podesta-Diverio The editors of Honi Soit , Sydney University’s student paper, recently ran a front cover featuring photographs of 18 vulvas. Each of the vulvas belongs to a different Sydney University student, all of whom volunteered. Shortly before publication, the editors were warned that, were they to...CONTINUE READING

Sole parents hit hard by cuts

Steph Price Turning eight doesn’t usually mean much. If you’re lucky, it might be worth an extra half an hour of television at night. Maybe it’s when you’re first allowed to walk to the milk bar on your own. Nothing special, it used to be just another stop on the slow march towards counting your age i...CONTINUE READING

Who’s who in the minor party mayhem?

Louise O’Shea When you’re handed a Senate ballot the size of a small bed sheet, you’d be forgiven for thinking there might be someone or something on it worth voting for. Surely among the dozens of intriguingly named political groupings, the ma and pa stores of the voting world, someone will stand for s...CONTINUE READING

Bosses prepare for industrial war

Jerome Small As the Liberals prepare for government, some major employers are preparing for war. Australia needs “a dose of Margaret Thatcher” according to Mark Adamson, the boss of Fletcher Building Ltd, one of the largest construction companies in Australia. His sentiments are echoed throughout secti...CONTINUE READING

The media are as bad as the politicians

Diane Fieldes Is the US Daily Show’s comedy coverage of the Australian election – which focussed on an idiot candidate who couldn’t remember his own party’s policies, a sexting scandal involving red wine and a racist who thought Islam was a country – really that different from that of the serious Austra...CONTINUE READING

What this election should have been about, but wasn’t

Mick Armstrong Election day is meant to be the day when we get to have our say over the vital decisions that impact our lives – the day we determine the future of the country for the next three years. The lead-up to election day surely should be a time of great excitement, animated discussions, vibrant d...CONTINUE READING