Supplements scandal shows Hird unfit to coach

Ben Hillier Imagine for a moment the following scenario. Employees at a medium sized company are brought before a group of their managers and asked to participate in a trial to increase work productivity. The pressure to participate is immense: the employees are all on contracts, and it is very diffic...CONTINUE READING

Too posh for prison

Louisa Bassini Charges of intentionally causing injury were heard last month in the Melbourne Magistrates Court against 27-year-old Liam Danial Sweeney. During sentencing, the magistrate made some unusually frank statements about his assessment of the matter. In doing so, for a moment he exposed a realit...CONTINUE READING

A fracking disaster for the Kimberley

Jon Lamb and Cathy Lawless Western Australian Liberal Premier Colin Barnett has given the green light to local and multinational mining companies to expand exploration and commercial production of shale gas reserves found in the Canning Basin in the Kimberley region. In doing so, he has demonstrated his government’s...CONTINUE READING

Access to university is a class question

Con Karavias If you are from a working class background, you are only one-third as likely as children of the middle class and the rich to get into university. A 2008 Melbourne University study found that students from the poorest 25 percent of society made up just 15 percent of uni students, while 40 p...CONTINUE READING

We need a genuinely free media

John Pilger Recently, I stood outside the strangely silent building where I began life as a journalist. It is no longer the human warren that was Consolidated Press in Sydney, though ghosts still drink at the King’s Head pub nearby. As a cadet reporter, I might have walked on to the set of Lewis Miles...CONTINUE READING

Take to the streets to oppose uni cuts!

Sarah Garnham The government’s cuts to higher education funding are the most severe in decades. On Tuesday 20 August there will be demonstrations in every city to protest against these cuts. The demonstrations are an opportunity to send a strong message to Labor and the Liberals in the lead-up to the fe...CONTINUE READING

Stand against Labor’s refugee barbarity

Corey Oakley For three weeks in a row, angry demonstrators have taken to the streets of Australian cities to voice their disgust at Rudd’s plan to ban all refugees who attempt to get to Australia by boat. The biggest of the refugee protests so far has been in Melbourne, with 5,000 turning out on 27 Jul...CONTINUE READING

Trust them both ... to screw us over

Ben Hillier There is one thing certain to come out of the 2013 federal election: the contest will be won by a right wing pro-big business party intent on attacking workers and the poor. The backdrop to this year’s poll is the unwinding of the mining investment boom and the softening of the economic ou...CONTINUE READING

Democracy should be better than this

Editors Democracy literally means “rule of the people”. It is a great and noble idea, originating in its modern form during the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, when rationalism and humanism rose out of the cesspit of feudal Europe to challenge superstition, irrational fear and the ru...CONTINUE READING