What is Marxism?

Ben Hillier “All things obey money”, Solomon wryly quips in Ecclesiastes. Old wisdom seems obviously true. Our capacity to participate in society depends on our ability to purchase things. We are therefore in constant need of a supply of cash or credit, even if only a relatively modest amount. The lac...CONTINUE READING

When workers turned the world upside down

Mick Armstrong The 1917 Russian Revolution transformed world politics. For the first time ever, the mass of workers took control of society and began democratically and collectively to reshape every aspect of life for the benefit of the great majority. They created a new form of mass democracy – workers’...CONTINUE READING

Why protesting matters

Leela Yellesetty January saw the largest protests to ever greet an incoming president – and quite possibly the largest nationwide day of protests in US history. But in the days that followed, Trump moved forward with nearly every aspect of his reactionary agenda that millions of people had come out to oppo...CONTINUE READING

The roots of sectarianism in the Middle East

Omar Hassan It is nearly impossible to find a mainstream news report about the Middle East that doesn’t refer to the religious affiliation of the protagonists. Sunnis hate Shi’ites, Shi’ites hate Sunnis, all Muslims hate Christians, and, of course, every Arab has a profound and irrational hatred of Je...CONTINUE READING

Anti-Irish racism in Australian history

Mick Armstrong Anti-Irish racism was brought to Australia on the First Fleet and remained a core element of Australian politics for almost 200 years. It was undoubtedly the main racial/communal division in the working class for much of this period. The divisions were so entrenched that they persisted for...CONTINUE READING

I was a teenage socialist

Diane Fieldes Every time I hear Midnight Oil’s chorus – “Oh, the power and the passion. Oh, the temper of the time” – I am transported to the past. Not to 1982, when the song was released, but to the heady days of the early 1970s, when I first encountered socialist politics. An idea that something momen...CONTINUE READING

Henry Lawson and the ‘Australian Legend’

Sandra Bloodworth Romanticisation of the outback and the bush has been an enduring theme in the construction of Australian nationalism. Self-reliance in the face of an inhospitable natural environment allegedly epitomises, or at least captures something central to, “the Aussie spirit”. Think of the endless...CONTINUE READING

‘Post-truth politics’ isn’t peak populism, it’s peak liberal capitalism

Ben Hillier Political lying has taken on a qualitatively new dimension. It’s the “post-truth politics” period, apparently. Oxford Dictionaries, which crowned “post-truth” the 2016 word of the year, notes that “it describes not just particular assertions, but a general characteristic of our age”. Donal...CONTINUE READING

Wapping – the bitterest of disputes

Liz Ross The 1980s were brutal years for workers and their unions as the neoliberal wave crossed the world. With it came austerity and an employers’ offensive. Strong unions were among the first targeted. In Australia, it was the Builders Labourers and the Pilots and in the US, the Air Traffic Cont...CONTINUE READING