Australia’s manifesto for militarism

Tom Bramble The Turnbull government’s new defence white paper, released in early March, represents the most significant escalation of Australia’s military ambitions outside a major war. At the heart of the white paper is a lengthy shopping list of new military hardware, what it calls “the largest defe...CONTINUE READING

Parliamentary circus is a distraction from a sick system

Ben Hillier The Lord’s Prayer is read at the beginning of each sitting of the federal parliament. It’s a prayer for sustenance, guidance, tolerance and forgiveness for those approaching moments when the honourable members will stray from their allegedly righteous path. Perusing the scriptures, there a...CONTINUE READING

A letter to Europeans regarding refugees

Diane Fieldes From Australia, we watch with a sense of horror and foreboding the situation in Europe regarding refugees. There will be still more horrors if your governments proceed on the path blazed by our governments. Australia is a world leader in the torture of asylum seekers. In January, a report...CONTINUE READING

Unearthing the real Lenin

Daniel Taylor Lenin has a bad reputation. His embalmed corpse is still on display for tourists in Moscow, a grotesque monument to the cultish hero-worship of elite political figureheads that characterised 20th century totalitarianism. Based on the version of Lenin’s life told in most history books, his...CONTINUE READING

“We didn’t cross the border – the border crossed us!”

Jerome Small On 1 May 2006, the United States was shaken by the biggest strikes and demonstrations in the history of the country. The US Congress was debating a law that would criminalise a key section of the working class – 11 million undocumented, mostly Spanish-speaking, migrants. In response, immig...CONTINUE READING

How ideas can change in struggle

Sandra Bloodworth Marx argued that the only road to socialism was via workers’ revolution. But he acknowledged that, for most of the time, workers are dominated by capitalist ideas and that “the alteration of people on a mass scale is necessary”. From his experience in workers’ struggles, he concluded that...CONTINUE READING

What is socialism?

The word socialism is the English language’s answer to Madonna: consistently topping the popular charts and maintaining its appeal across generations and among ever changing new audiences. It is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the seventh most looked up English word of all ti...CONTINUE READING

The lies they tell about the Russian Revolution

Corey Oakley The Russian revolution may have taken place nearly a century ago, but attacks on it continue. In school history courses, academia, and in popular culture there is an ongoing attempt to discredit the revolution and its leaders, and to establish that Stalinism was the inevitable outcome of t...CONTINUE READING

How Pauline Hanson was stopped

Tess Lee Ack Pauline Hanson burst onto the political scene in the federal election of March 1996. Over the next few years, she attempted to mobilise and lead a racist movement that targeted Indigenous people and immigrants, particularly Asians. As the Liberal candidate for the Queensland seat of Oxley,...CONTINUE READING