Remembering the Battle of Cable Street

Vashti Kenway The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a British fascist, the prominence of the far right in the campaign for Brexit, the dramatic rise of extreme nationalist forces across Europe and the increased prominence of organisations like the United Patriots Front in Australia all raise the question of...CONTINUE READING

Labor is not a genuine alternative

Mick Armstrong The latest opinion polls show record levels of support for minor parties and independent candidates – almost 30 per cent in the House of Representatives and undoubtedly considerably more in the Senate. This is but one reflection of the widespread disillusionment with both major parties, mo...CONTINUE READING

The origins of the Liberal Party

Jerome Small The official version of the Liberal Party’s origins is all about “personal freedom”, “choice” and “enlightened liberal policies”. However, history shows that for the Liberals, freedom for ordinary people is a disposable commodity. The Liberal Party was formed in 1944 from the remnants of p...CONTINUE READING

Who rules Australia?

Ben Hillier Who rules Australia? The most obvious answer is “the politicians”. After all, that’s what this federal election campaign is all about: choosing which group of people will run the country for the next three years. Right? Not exactly. The government wields a degree of power and influence. Bu...CONTINUE READING

The uses and abuses of democracy

Mick Armstrong The first general strike in history occurred just over 170 years ago. It was a strike of insurrectionary proportions led by a mass revolutionary movement – the Chartists. Involving millions of workers, the strike swept through the industrial regions of England as mass pickets marched from...CONTINUE READING

IMF begins to question neoliberal fictions

Allen Myers Who would have thought it? After only three or four decades of neoliberalism stuffing up the world, a small brave band of economists at the International Monetary Fund has begun to doubt whether neoliberalism is really all it’s cracked up to be. Heresy! And from IMF economists! It’s almost...CONTINUE READING

Borders drawn in blood: the construction and destruction of the Middle East

Vashti Kenway “I should like to draw a line from the ‘e’ in Acre to the last ‘k’ in Kirkuk.” British colonel Mark Sykes was stooped, finger poised, over a map of the Middle East. Over his shoulder stood French diplomat François Georges-Picot. The year was 1915. They were discussing a secret agreement th...CONTINUE READING

The road to a police state: how 'anti-terrorism' is destroying democracy

Vashti Kenway In 1956, science fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote the short story “Minority Report”. In it, a shadowy government agency known as “pre-crime” arrests people in anticipation of crimes they suspect individuals will commit in the future. What appears as a dystopian fictional nightmare in 19...CONTINUE READING

Gender and capitalism

April Holcombe “Is it a boy or a girl?” Before we take our first breath, society sets out a path that we must follow. Before we know our own name, others presume to know a whole lot about us. If our parents don’t know already, the midwife will glance down between our tiny legs and immediately assign a se...CONTINUE READING