The lies they tell about the Russian Revolution

Corey Oakley The Russian revolution may have taken place nearly a century ago, but attacks on it continue. In school history courses, academia, and in popular culture there is an ongoing attempt to discredit the revolution and its leaders, and to establish that Stalinism was the inevitable outcome of t...CONTINUE READING

How Pauline Hanson was stopped

Tess Lee Ack Pauline Hanson burst onto the political scene in the federal election of March 1996. Over the next few years, she attempted to mobilise and lead a racist movement that targeted Indigenous people and immigrants, particularly Asians. As the Liberal candidate for the Queensland seat of Oxley,...CONTINUE READING

How a union saved the city

Liz Ross Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market is up for World Heritage listing. The city’s lord mayor, Liberal Party member Robert Doyle, is at the forefront of the campaign extolling the market’s virtues and its 138-year history. What you won’t find anywhere in the lord mayor’s talking points...CONTINUE READING

Nationalism versus internationalism

Ben Hillier, Diane Fieldes It is rare to meet anyone whose world view is not framed by nationalism in one way or another. This is hardly surprising. The world is constructed on national lines: nation states, national languages, national education systems and national laws. We have national parliaments and therefore...CONTINUE READING

The forging of Australian nationalism

It took quite a struggle for Australia’s rulers to forge a national identity. The nation state, an institutional superstructure aimed at providing an administrative framework for capitalism, had to be built . During the 1890s , as referenda about the idea of federation went on, most people...CONTINUE READING
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The global economic crisis and political polarisation

Tom Bramble When the US property market began to sink in 2007, few people foresaw what was about to transpire. The US financial system, which had built up huge stocks of debt gambling on the residential property market, began to totter. A string of banks went into liquidation. In late 2008, the crisis...CONTINUE READING

Marx: a rebel for our times

Louise O’Shea The work of a capitalist ideologue is never done. No quantity of academic volumes, measured by the tonne in most university libraries and representing hours of weighty contemplation, has so far proved sufficient to relegate Marxism to the realm of quaint obscurity. In what must have conser...CONTINUE READING

The social role of the ‘Australian dream’

Ben Hillier Private residential property is one of the most important institutions of Australian capitalism. It geographically atomises the working class and structurally underpins the family. It is a means of discipline and exploitation through mortgage debt. It is a site of capital investment and sp...CONTINUE READING

Curiosities for the crisis

Rjurik Davidson Rjurik Davidson , author of Unwrapped Sky (Tor, 2014) and the forthcoming The Stars Askew , gives his recommendations for summer reading and viewing. ---------- What to do for summer? As in the last couple of years, I’ve put together some suggestions for books to read and films to watch. T...CONTINUE READING