Family values and the political right

Ben Hillier What’s the link between “family values” social conservatism and right wing anti-worker economics? The World Congress of Families (WCF), which is holding a regional “Life, Family and Freedom” conference in Melbourne on 30 August, argues that “the natural family is the fundamental social uni...CONTINUE READING

How Marxism explains unemployment

Allen Myers At the end of 1950, the unemployment rate in Australia stood at 0.2 percent – the lowest figure ever. For two decades, until the end of the 1960s, it was commonly said that the government of the day would fall if unemployment passed 2 percent. Today unemployment of 5-6 percent is considere...CONTINUE READING

Remembering the Tasty nightclub raid 20 years on

Chris di Pasquale “There was an escalating feeling that the police weren’t finding what they were looking for. They knew they couldn’t find anything. They were getting angry.” In the early hours of 7 August 1994, Victoria Police raided Tasty, a nightclub in Melbourne’s CBD with a predominately queer cliente...CONTINUE READING

Cold War, homophobia and Don Dunstan

Liz Ross The Cold War was a period of victimisation for the Communist Party and its members or sympathisers in Australia. Homosexual men were regarded as particularly susceptible to blackmail or communist influence. Draconian colonial-era anti-homosexual laws were still in place. The South Australi...CONTINUE READING

What is happening in Palestine is genocide

Mick Armstrong Again, cries of “end the genocide” can be heard at Palestine solidarity rallies around the world. Again, historical comparisons are made between contemporary Zionist terrorism and 20th century Nazism. Again, the Israeli and Western media have gone into overdrive in an attempt to vilify and...CONTINUE READING

From war to revolution

Tom Bramble World War I was the bloodiest the world had ever seen. More than 16 million people perished; 20 million were wounded. The monstrous killing machines of the contending powers were only brought to a halt by revolution and the threat of revolution across Europe. There are two dominant interpr...CONTINUE READING

John Maclean , a socialist against war

Vashti Kenway John Maclean was the most significant revolutionary socialist in the English-speaking world during the revolutionary upsurge of the early 20th century. He was feared by the British state, which imprisoned him five times for his political activities. On three occasions he was released early...CONTINUE READING

‘Hey kids, it all began here!’

Tom O’Lincoln In August 1913, just one year from the outbreak of World War I, General Joseph Gordon circulated a General Scheme of Defence for Australia . Like most such schemas in this country, it had little to do with defending ordinary people. According to historian Douglas Newton, it incorporated pl...CONTINUE READING

The psychology of privilege

Kim Doyle Rich people and bosses – the privileged minority of society – are more self-centred, less empathetic and consider themselves more deserving of their wealth. This isn’t a socialist prejudice. It has scientific backing. A 2012 study published by the journal Psychology, Crime and Law tested 3...CONTINUE READING