Fighting the Liberals then and now

Tom Bramble Joe Hockey’s is the most savage budget attack on the working class for two decades. It demands a vigorous response from our unions. It’s not the first time that Liberal governments have gone on the offensive like this – and there’s always been opposition to previous onslaughts. History sho...CONTINUE READING

Students have always been right to rebel

Corey Oakley The predictable outrage at the Q&A protests from distraught conservatives and other tight-mouthed defenders of the status quo was nothing new. Almost every student protest in history has been met with cries of “They are only harming their own cause” from people who never supported the stud...CONTINUE READING

Nicaragua: ‘We fight against the Yankee – enemy of humanity’

Tom O’Lincoln In May-July 1979, the people of Nicaragua overthrew one of Latin America’s most hated dictatorships. It was the culmination of a guerrilla insurgency combined with urban insurrection. It cost tens of thousands of lives to win democracy. The revolutionaries identified with the tradition of...CONTINUE READING

What are we working for?

Allen Myers Nearly everyone wants to be physically and mentally active in some socially useful way. That desire to be useful doesn’t vanish when people pass some particular age. And yet, the great majority of workers look forward to their retirement – even when it is years away. This real, ongoing con...CONTINUE READING

The origins of May Day

Steph Price “The brilliant basic idea of May Day”, enthused Rosa Luxemburg on its eve in 1913, “is the autonomous, immediate stepping forward of the proletarian masses”. Written a quarter of a century after the occasion was born and one year before the outbreak of war, Luxemburg’s words were an insist...CONTINUE READING

May Day 1946: Pilbara Aboriginal workers strike

Sandra Bloodworth At least 800 Aboriginal people walked off about 25 sheep and cattle stations across the Pilbara in north-west Australia and from workplaces in Port Hedland and Marble Bar on May Day, 1946. The date was chosen because of its significance as the international day of the working class. This r...CONTINUE READING

The condition of the working class today

Kate Jeffreys In the early 1840s, Friedrich Engels’ wealthy father sent him to work in the offices of his holdings in Manchester, hoping to cure his son of radicalism. Instead, the 22-year-old spent his time documenting the brutal reality of working life in industrial Britain. Everything he saw convince...CONTINUE READING

Our place in the cosmos

Sarah Jean More than 500 million people have watched Carl Sagan’s brilliant 1980 TV series Cosmos: a personal voyage and its repeats. The follow-up, Cosmos: a spacetime odyssey, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, draws on three decades of new discoveries and a slick new CGI spaceship. Cosm...CONTINUE READING

‘Aboriginal art – it’s a white thing’

Sarah-Lou Harris Racism, conservatism, exploitation: there’s no dodging the issues with Aboriginal artist Richard Bell, who takes each in turn. He is, after all, the man who scandalously declared on canvas: “Aboriginal Art – It’s a White Thing”. Fusing art and politics in a style described as “direct visua...CONTINUE READING