The Zapatistas’ legacy of rebellion

Patrick Weiniger Magdalena García Durán is an indigenous Mazahua woman from San Antonio Pueblo Nuevo in central Mexico. Commenting in the run-up to 20th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising in the distant southern state of Chiapas, she tells an interviewer: “Living as an indigenous woman in a big city is...CONTINUE READING

Some unanswered questions about the 'Carnation Revolution'

Shane Bentley MUA member Shane Bentley responds to an article by Red Flag 's Tom O'Lincoln . Articles about a western European country in the throes of revolution, such as Tom O’Lincoln’s on Portugal’s “Carnation Revolution” ( Red Flag #13 ) are always an inspirational read. However, sadly lacking from...CONTINUE READING

The Cockatoo Island occupation – 25 years on

Steph Price The ACTU delivered the news. “That’s it, it’s finished”, Bill Kelty told Cockatoo Island Dockyard workers. It was 1987. The Hawke Labor government was closing them down. The 2,000 who worked there were done. “It was a fait accompli”, says Claude Sandaljian, who was a boilermaker on the isl...CONTINUE READING

‘The challenge is to harness opposition’

Alexis Vassiley Antony Loewenstein is a Sydney based journalist, activist and author. He spoke to Red Flag’ s Alexis Vassiley about his latest work, the recently published Profits of doom: how vulture capitalism is swallowing the world. Tell us a bit about the book. Profits of doom looks at the way in whi...CONTINUE READING

Which side are you on? A tribute to Pete Seeger

Janey Stone The Victorian Trades Hall Council is flying its flag at half-mast. Their epitaph says it all: “Pete Seeger, your work is your monument”. The Facebook site for the 30th anniversary of the British Miners’ strike is overwhelmed by tributes. All around the world, people are mourning the world’...CONTINUE READING

From invasion to resistance

Tom O’Lincoln Across a vast stretch of northern Australia, extending at least from Borroloola to the Kimberley, Aborigines tell the tale of a murderous white man. He stands for whites in general, and is seen as an invader. According to Hobbles Danaiyairi, a Yarralin man in the Northern Territory, quoted...CONTINUE READING

What is exploitation?

Kim Doyle Figures released in the ACTU October 2013 Economic Bulletin show that Australian workers produce, on average, $US53 per hour they work. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get paid $53 per hour. So where does that money go? The difference between the amount you produce and the amount you g...CONTINUE READING

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn spoke her own piece

Vashti Kenway “The train on which I write rushes by factories where murder instruments are made for gold. I would be ashamed to be patriotic of such a country. In the black smoke belched from their chimneys, I see the ghostly faces of dead workers – our poor, deluded slain brothers. I reaffirm my faith,...CONTINUE READING

‘Hats off to the textile workers!’

Phoebe Kelloway Phoebe Kelloway continues our series of articles on rebel women in Australian working class history with the story of a militant Depression-era textile strike. Wildcat strikes were the last thing textile mill bosses expected when they cut wages in August 1932. It was the middle of the Grea...CONTINUE READING