A forgotten massacre on our doorstep

Max Lane The systematic political murder of around 1 million people in Indonesia began on 1 October 1965 and lasted around three years. The violence was accompanied by mass arrests, probably hundreds of thousands going in and out of ad hoc prisons between 1965 and 1968. Almost 20,000 were kept in p...CONTINUE READING

The farce of Oslo 20 years on

Kim Bullimore On 13 September 1993, a beaming US President Bill Clinton, flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, stepped onto the lawns of the White House. The men were there to sign the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, also...CONTINUE READING

Socialist resistance in Iran

Behzad Bagheri This is the extended version of a talk presented by Behzad Bagheri , an Iranian socialist activist, in a meeting jointly organised by Socialist Alternative and Iran Solidarity-Melbourne in July 2013. The text is edited by Afshin Nikouseresht . Behzad (born 1986) began his political activit...CONTINUE READING

Monty Miller, proud rebel to the last

Vashti Kenway In a sweltering courtroom in Perth in December 1916, members of the outlawed radical syndicalist organisation the Industrial Workers of the World were put on trial for their campaign against conscription to World War 1. One of the accused was lifelong working class rebel Montague Miller, w...CONTINUE READING

Childhood recollections of the Chilean coup

Jorge Jorquera [For my sons Miguel Enriquez and Inti Pablo,* on the 40th anniversary of el golpe militar .] My only lasting memories as a young child are associated with the military coup in Chile in 1973. I remember a mixed collection of facts, experiences and emotions. All of them have in common a sens...CONTINUE READING

Chile 1973: Lessons of the coup

Jorge Jorquera My childhood memories of Allende’s Chile, sharpened by the words, tears and suffering of the adults around me, reflect now more vividly and perhaps more bitterly than ever the tragedy of a revolution half-made. It is difficult not to remember Allende as a tragic figure, at once both a symb...CONTINUE READING

Where does real change come from?

Colleen Bolger The radical historian Howard Zinn once said: “What matters is not who’s sitting in the White House. What matters is who’s sitting in!” He was pointing to how progressive change is won. It has little to do with the political stripes of the party in government, but much to do with what happe...CONTINUE READING

Amber Maxwell, a rebel and a fighter

Lewis Todman The revolutionary socialist movement lost a great fighter on Saturday, 24 August. Amber Maxwell lived a difficult life. As a transgender woman, she found it impossible to find permanent work or accommodation. But through all her hardship, she put everything she had into the fight for socia...CONTINUE READING

The limits of capitalist democracy

Sandra Bloodworth The meaning of democracy is contested. On one hand, it was invoked by George Bush and then Barack Obama to justify wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Every fascist party in Europe today either has democracy in its name or as part of its rhetoric. On the other hand, striking workers,...CONTINUE READING