Skinheads vs. boneheads: the battle over a working class subculture

Paul DM The image of the skinhead is for many associated with violent neo-Nazis. Footage of shaven-headed thugs covered in nationalist symbols taking to the streets and attacking immigrants, refugees or members of other oppressed groups is all too familiar. Committed to the “fourteen words” (we mu...CONTINUE READING

Put Liberals last, but don’t expect much from Labor in Queensland

Paul DM Deeply unpopular Queensland premier Campbell Newman has called a state election on 31 January. Just three years after the Liberal National Party swept to power in a historic landslide, not only is the government facing a big negative swing, but there is a strong likelihood that Newman hims...CONTINUE READING

Brisbane workers' lunch room sit-in continues

Paul DM Supporters rallied at the front gates of the Smith’s Snackfood Company factory in Brisbane on 27 November in solidarity with National Union of Workers (NUW) members who are staging a sit-in at the site. The sit-in, which started with the day shift, was triggered by management’s demand that...CONTINUE READING

Queensland government continues flogging off assets

Paul DM The sale of state owned assets continues to be a central plank of Liberal National Party policy – in spite of its own research, which confirms overwhelming opposition to privatisation. The government bleats about the need to service state debt and says that the sales are in the interest of...CONTINUE READING

Queensland budget shows LNP priorities

Paul DM Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has delivered the LNP’s third and final budget before the next state election, due early in 2015. The centrepiece is plans to privatise or lease $33.6 billion worth of government assets, including power generators and ports. The government is arguing that...CONTINUE READING

QLD compo cut to the bone

Paul DM Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party government is continuing its assault on Queensland workers. Recently passed changes to WorkCover, the state’s workers’ compensation scheme, will have a drastic and immediate impact on entitlements. Despite a parliamentary committee recommending that...CONTINUE READING

The Liberal vision for a bosses’ Queensland

Paul DM Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party (LNP) has made clear its vision for Queensland: one inspired by the neoliberal method of attacking workers and defending the interests of the bosses and their profits. Newman has slashed jobs and services, attacked workers at every opportunity and l...CONTINUE READING

Queensland LNP no friend to union members

Paul DM Under the guise of making unions more “accountable” to their members, the state Liberal National Party government is forcing Queensland unions to publish their spending details online from this month. In the latest attempt to undermine the key force in the state that can resist its attacks...CONTINUE READING

The LNP is a cancer on QLD public health

Paul DM A new $1.8 billion public hospital being built on the Sunshine Coast is to be handed over to private sector interests. This is the latest of Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party government attacks on the public sector. While the Sunshine Coast University Hospital will remain government...CONTINUE READING