Let Chelsea Manning in

Editors The Australian government must immediately grant US whistleblower Chelsea Manning an entry visa so she can commence her long-planned speaking tour of the country. Manning, who is due to speak in Sydney on Sunday, was a junior intelligence analyst in the US military when, in 2010, she provi...CONTINUE READING

On Egypt’s targeting of journalists

Editors The jailing of Al-Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed by an Egyptian court is an indictment of Egypt’s so-called justice system. The trio were found guilty in late June of tarnishing Egypt’s image through their reporting of events in the country. They have bee...CONTINUE READING

When radical is the only reasonable

Editors There have been few times in history when the gap between what needs to be done and what is being done has been as great as today. In spite of all the great advances in technology and production methods of the last century, society remains incapable of providing a decent life for billions...CONTINUE READING

Afghanistan: never forgive, never forget

Editors The Australian military is winding up combat operations in Afghanistan, although several hundred personnel will stay in the country working as trainers or in Afghan military units. This has been Australian imperialism’s longest overseas war. Over the course of 12 years, more than 20,000 tr...CONTINUE READING

Serving themselves, and their masters

Editors The expenses scandal grows deeper by the week. Expenses for going to friends’ weddings. Expenses for going to the AFL grand final. Expenses to attend the Melbourne Cup. Expenses for ski trips. Expenses to attend the Tour de France. Expenses for cartoon and cook books. MPs are rushing to re...CONTINUE READING

A culture of entitlement

Editors The motto of the Abbott Liberal government seems to be “weddings, parties, anything”. Apparently, attending their friends’ social functions is important business. It is “networking” they say, as they claim thousands of dollars in expenses for their trips. Attorney-General George Brandis, A...CONTINUE READING

Open for business, closed for everyone else

Editors That Tony Abbott can make himself responsible for federal oversight of women’s affairs tells you something about the “fuck you” attitude of the new Liberal government. But the door to his ministry being shut on women is only the opening salvo. If you are not rich then don’t expect much fro...CONTINUE READING

Now it’s up to the rest of us

Editors A lot of people woke up on Sunday after the election with a sore head. And not just from drowning their sorrows too determinedly the night before. The thought of Tony Abbott as prime minister is enough to make the soberest person’s head hurt. What made it worse is that Abbott got in withou...CONTINUE READING

A choice beyond the no-choice election

Editors Tony Abbott has been reassuring everyone that his will be a “no surprises” government. In a sense he’s right: if the Coalition wins the federal election, it won’t be surprising at all when he and his filth-pot conservative mates start kicking workers and the poor in the teeth. In May, shad...CONTINUE READING