Labor paves the way for Abbott

Editors When the bosses say jump, Tony Abbott asks “How high?” His address to the New South Wales Business Chamber on 19 August gave a taste of things to come under a Coalition government: “You’ve asked for lower taxes and we’ll give you lower taxes. We’ll abolish the carbon tax, we’ll abolish the...CONTINUE READING

Democracy should be better than this

Editors Democracy literally means “rule of the people”. It is a great and noble idea, originating in its modern form during the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, when rationalism and humanism rose out of the cesspit of feudal Europe to challenge superstition, irrational fear and the ru...CONTINUE READING

Let them in

Editors Australia has a border protection problem. It is not that the border is too porous: fewer than 16,000 people have travelled here by boat this year. That’s a tiny fraction of the estimated 15 million refugees struggling to survive around the globe. The problem is the pervasive idea that it...CONTINUE READING

Not the change we want to see

Editors Under a new leader, the ALP has moved into the second wave of its long campaign for a third term in office. Labor’s strategy seems clear enough: win back the seats it can (mainly Qld), hold those it must (mostly NSW). Its tactic is on one hand to remind us of the party’s so-called tremendo...CONTINUE READING

An ongoing crisis in government

Editors When masses of people articulate their grievances by shutting down a city, social complaints can rapidly become political crises. Since the first issue of Red Flag went to print, several rebellions around the world have threatened to morph into such crises for those at the top of society....CONTINUE READING

A new paper for Australia's left

Editors In putting together the first edition of Red Flag , we had to decide what issue to lead with on our first front cover. It was an important decision, as it gives us the opportunity to convey something about what kind of publication Red Flag will be, what kinds of issues it considers importa...CONTINUE READING