An antidote to Jordan Peterson

Chris di Pasquale Canadian psychologist and right wing Cold Warrior Jordan Peterson is currently touring Australia to sold-out shows. Given that Peterson has been described as both “the most influential public intellectual” in the West and a “Messiah-cum-surrogate-dad for gormless dimwits” – as well as bein...CONTINUE READING

‘Religious freedom’ is just a guise for bigotry

Chris di Pasquale The federal government’s Religious Freedom Review is not about religious freedom. It is homophobia and transphobia, pure and simple. A leaked recommendation from the review, obtained by Fairfax Media, suggests that LGBTI staff and students could be fired or expelled from their schools base...CONTINUE READING

Against the French court’s pathologising of Marine Le Pen

Chris di Pasquale “Pathological liars” is a valid description of the far right. But we should be cautious not to take the first word literally. Last month, the leader of French far right party Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly the National Front) was ordered by a court to undergo a psychiatri...CONTINUE READING

Farage met with protests in Perth and Melbourne

Chris di Pasquale, Phoebe Burrage Since the election of Donald Trump, Australia has become the “it” destination for far right provocateurs. The latest is Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party and notorious anti-Muslim racist. Farage began his speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand on 2 September, arr...CONTINUE READING

The man-babies who ‘marched for men’

Chris di Pasquale The delicate snowflakes of the alt-right held their inaugural “March for Men” in Melbourne on 25 August. And they blamed every problem in their lives, from mental illness to the downfall of Western Civilisation, on women. Some 200 cry babies (of the more than 5,000 who expressed interest o...CONTINUE READING

The ‘March for Men’ is nothing but misogyny

Chris di Pasquale “I’m not going to apologise for supporting men … I won’t be shamed into backing down.” With these brave words, Melbourne University journalism graduate Sydney Watson is rallying all the bleeding hearts who cry at night over the plight of that oppressed and abandoned social group – men. At...CONTINUE READING

Loser Lauren Southern and her man-baby bros flee to Somerton. Sad!

Chris di Pasquale “Fascists like things to run smoothly, they like their trains to run on time. Well, tonight, we made sure that things did not run smoothly for them.” – A Melbourne anti-fascist activist last night. Far right activist Lauren Southern did not expect to host the Melbourne leg of her Australia...CONTINUE READING

The misogyny at the heart of the new far right

Chris di Pasquale On a recent Sunday afternoon, self-proclaimed fascist Blair Cottrell filmed himself chasing down and abusing a street performer wearing a pink leotard. For daring to don the costume, the performer, known as Dandyman, was called a “paedophile”, threatened with violence and forced to end his...CONTINUE READING

The state, the far right, and repressive laws

Chris di Pasquale The debate on the left sparked by Emma Norton’s recent comment piece in Red Flag about establishing safe access zones around abortion clinics exposed a worrying trend among some of Norton’s critics. Norton argued that the left must oppose moves by governments to criminalise anti-choice big...CONTINUE READING