Why do we waste so much on the military?

Eleanor Morley Australian war spending is about $35 billion a year and rising. The military is undergoing a significant rearmament program as imperialist tensions around the world sharpen. A $90 billion naval shipbuilding program is the latest jewel in the crown for defence minister Marise Payne. The Roy...CONTINUE READING

Record budget bonuses for police in New South Wales and Victoria

Eleanor Morley New South Wales Police has been granted a $220 million bonus in the upcoming Berejiklian state budget, but commissioner Mick Fuller is still not satisfied. Fuller continues to lobby the government for an additional 2,500 officers. According to the NSW Police Association, without the new of...CONTINUE READING

Students stand with Palestine

Eleanor Morley Students have raised the Palestinian flag on university campuses across New South Wales in protest against the murder of 40 peaceful protesters in Gaza over the past two months. Rallies at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales gathered students in solidarity with those...CONTINUE READING

Designs against humanity

Eleanor Morley Homelessness is on the rise across the country; every night roughly 8,200 people are forced to fend for themselves on the cold and dirty streets of major Australian cities. This social crisis is not being met with more beds, welfare and compassion from those with the money, resources and l...CONTINUE READING

The day they stole Kerry’s baby

Eleanor Morley “I thought it was just all a joke. I never thought I would ever live through something like that. I never thought they had the right to come in and take my child on false allegations.” Kerry is talking about her nightmare dealing with the NSW Police, the Department of Family and Community...CONTINUE READING

End of an era as last public housing tenant evicted from Sydney’s Sirius building

Eleanor Morley Last month the lights were finally switched off for Myra Demetriou, the last remaining resident of inner-city Sydney’s Sirius building. Sirius was once home to more than 100 residents in 79 units, but now the last remnants of affordable public housing in the city are to be sold to develope...CONTINUE READING

Wollongong Uni overturns election result, throws out left

Eleanor Morley The University of Wollongong has just overturned the results of a democratic student union election which saw the biggest voter turnout in a decade. Chloe Rafferty was elected President of the Wollongong University Students’ Association (WUSA) in October after receiving majority support am...CONTINUE READING

Why governments hate public housing

Eleanor Morley The Sirius building has always been controversial. Is it an eyesore? A brutalist masterpiece? A concrete blemish on Sydney’s skyline? What many don’t know about Sirius is that, for its architect Tao Gofers, the building is much more than a place for 200 low-income tenants to eat and sleep;...CONTINUE READING

Time to fight back against the war on young people

Eleanor Morley Declining living conditions, exorbitant university fees, the demonisation of welfare recipients and skyrocketing rental and property prices amount to a war on young people. This is not the result of a feud between baby boomers and millennials, it is a concerted attack by successive governm...CONTINUE READING