I watched the royal wedding. And I loved it.

Ben Hillier I’m supposed to write about the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle being a disgusting display of opulence by a bludging waste-of-space family whose titles are both affronting and anachronistic. It was. They are. Yet I am caught up in it. For a brief escape from the small agonies of...CONTINUE READING

Israel’s Eurovision win pinkwashes genocide

Tess Lewis Israel’s winning entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, “Toy” by Netta Barzilai, has been hailed by the media for having a powerful anti-bullying message, celebrating diversity and women’s empowerment and capturing the #MeToo movement. The ABC’s live blog of the competition raved ab...CONTINUE READING

Who gives a f*ck about Mark Manson and Jordan Peterson?

Simone White Who gives a fuck about the world? Lots of people, it turns out. According to a World Economic Forum survey of 32,000 18-35-year-olds across 186 countries, the top four concerns are climate change, wars, income inequality and poverty. Extensive surveying by Roy Morgan finds that people cons...CONTINUE READING

Trump lies, but his lies are the small ones

Sandra Bloodworth The Oxford Dictionary declared “post-truth” the word of the year in 2016, with the explanation: “it describes not just particular assertions, but a general characteristic of our age”. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was widely thought to embody this new age. And now, it seems his pres...CONTINUE READING

The waterfront war that shook Australia

Diane Fieldes Twenty years ago, on 7 April 1998, Patrick Stevedores dismissed and locked out all 1,400 of its unionised waterside workforce, triggering mass protests and picketing around the country. In the dead of night, balaclava-wearing scabs with German shepherds and rottweilers entered the docks, c...CONTINUE READING

ANU preaches free speech, censors student

Kim Stern “ANU prides itself on the principle of academic freedom and I am always proud to see our students standing up for issues they feel strongly about. I am disappointed this happened, and everyone has learned from it.” Brian Schmidt, vice-chancellor of the Australian National University, let g...CONTINUE READING

A modest proposal on espionage law

Allen Myers ASIO director general Duncan Lewis, supporting the government’s “espionage” bill, has told a parliamentary committee that journalists should not be exempted from 20-year sentences for revealing government lies that the liars have classified as “secret”. Journalism, Lewis said, provides an...CONTINUE READING

Batman: Labor smears Greens to distract from its appalling refugee policies

Liz Walsh In the week leading up to the tightly contested Batman by-election in Melbourne’s inner north, a social media storm erupted in what has become colloquially known as #placardgate. The offending placard, carried at a Refugee Action Collective rally in the Batman electorate on 10 March, was a...CONTINUE READING

Note to Emma Alberici: This is how you meet ABC editorial standards

James Plested They couldn’t have done it better if they’d aimed for parody. “The surprisingly frugal habits of the super rich”, read the headline. Perhaps we were supposed to be tantalised. For most people who clicked through to the article, however, it was likely more a case of, “No, they wouldn’t real...CONTINUE READING