Mourn for the dead and fight like hell for the living

Oula Shihan Politicians have expressed “horror” and “shock” at the attack in New Zealand and now are scratching their heads, asking, “Who could have predicted this?” As a Muslim woman living in Australia I can tell you that I and any other Muslim could have predicted this. It wasn’t a question of whet...CONTINUE READING


Ben Hillier Fifty people are confirmed dead in Christchurch, New Zealand. They were gunned down by a white supremacist who believes that their existence is an “invasion”. This descriptor – “invasion” – is also used by the president of the United States, several Murdoch press columnists and sitting mem...CONTINUE READING

Roz Ward on clergy hypocrisy and the valorisation of child molesters

Roz Ward In the wake of cardinal George Pell’s guilty verdict for child abuse, the hypocrisy of his conservative supporters and the church leadership has been unrelentingly disgusting. Before the jury made its decision, Pell, like the investment banks that caused the global financial crisis, was co...CONTINUE READING

In the waiting room, human decency reigns

Sandra Bloodworth I usually use some of my meagre money chest kept for medical and other emergencies to see a private eye specialist because he’s an authority on retinitis pigmentosa, which is the cause of my legal blindness. But recently I faced a dilemma: my cataracts need to come off, but this disorder c...CONTINUE READING

Good riddance Bishop, politics needs more radical women

Liz Walsh Two of the Liberal Party’s most prominent women resigned from politics this year – former foreign minister and deputy leader Julie Bishop and Kelly O’Dwyer, minister for jobs and industrial relations. The media have gushed about the style with which Bishop swanned about on taxpayer money,...CONTINUE READING

Colin Barker, 1939 – 2019

Kerri Sinclair, Moira Leahy As revolutionary socialists originally from Britain, we were both very saddened by the recent death of Colin Barker, a lifelong revolutionary socialist in the International Socialist tradition, from which Socialist Alternative arose. We have been inspired by his fantastic writing about soc...CONTINUE READING

An antidote to Jordan Peterson

Chris di Pasquale Canadian psychologist and right wing Cold Warrior Jordan Peterson is currently touring Australia to sold-out shows. Given that Peterson has been described as both “the most influential public intellectual” in the West and a “Messiah-cum-surrogate-dad for gormless dimwits” – as well as bein...CONTINUE READING

Should we worry about the ageing population?

Allen Myers Why do capitalist governments see it as a problem if their country’s population is not continually expanding? We’re told that, if a country’s average age is increasing, a growing proportion of the population will be retired, and the declining proportion of workers won’t be able to produce...CONTINUE READING

ParentsNext: The ‘choice’ you have when there’s no choice

Simone White Grandstanding about women’s issues has become a cynical political strategy for politicians and the business elite. Pin on a white ribbon, trumpet the corporate feminism “women can do anything” line and denounce violence against women while you cut penalty rates and single parent payments a...CONTINUE READING