From social justice champion to huckster for the banks

Tom Bramble Australia’s big banks stink to high heaven. Their mega-profits and sky-high CEO salaries have been funded by every kind of corrupt practice – ripping off the elderly and vulnerable, forcing people out of their homes, foreclosing on farms and small businesses, and denying the dying vital li...CONTINUE READING

What better time to demand the impossible?

Louise O’Shea “Be realistic, demand the impossible”. So went the slogan of the insurrectionary Parisian students in May 1968. It beautifully captured the mood of the time: the collective rejection of the stultifying parameters of capitalist normality and the boundless optimism that a better world was po...CONTINUE READING

Hate speech as free speech

Ben Hillier “I can’t stand Muslims … They’re not all bad – they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.” Larry Pickering is a cartoonist. He was the VIP guest at a February Q Society meeting in Sydney. To help with the fundraising, he donated one of his own sketches for auction – a depiction of a veiled...CONTINUE READING

The ‘exciting new world of work’ is a sick joke for most millenials

Jasmine Duff According to a bunch of CEOs and business owners, millennials have entered a new, exciting phase of capitalism. Gone are the days of scraping by on welfare and working part time on less than the award to make ends meet: we’ve entered an era when the world is “literally” at our fingertips a...CONTINUE READING

Australian politicians in the service of fascism

Diane Fieldes Just in case the Liberal cabinet’s endorsement of president Trump wasn’t clear enough, the PM’s office has suspended an administrative staffer over a three-month-old Facebook post of a “Tuck Frump” T-shirt. In doing so, Turnbull is acting out a proud Australian tradition of backing the rac...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull slapped down – but Australia leads the US in refugee torture

Tom Bramble The humiliation is total. Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t just have egg on his face he’s got the whole bloody omelette. While other world leaders have been doing their best to distance themselves from the right wing lunatic now in charge of the White House, Australia’s prime minister and his cabi...CONTINUE READING

Why I won’t be partying on 26 January

Nick Everett In 1979, my year four class went on a school excursion. We were bussed to Perth Esplanade, where we dutifully lined up in rows to witness men dressed in red and white soldier uniforms disembark from landing craft onto the Swan River shore with rifles slung across their backs. A Noongar dan...CONTINUE READING

Supporters of the Palestinians should oppose Assad’s crimes

Damian Ridgwell In June 2011, inspired by the Arab revolutions sweeping the region, Palestinian refugees in Syria marched on and overran the border of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. For a fleeting moment, they were able to achieve one of the historic aims of the Palestinian movement: the return to th...CONTINUE READING

‘Independent’ my arse

Diane Fieldes By voting for the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), Nick Xenophon and the other cross bench detritus showed us just what they are made of. The Senate voted by 36 votes to 33 to pass the bill. The ABC described the deal that allowed the government to reintro...CONTINUE READING