On the threat of Japanese invasion in WWII

Tom O’Lincoln Reviewing my chapter on Australia in a recently released book, Fighting on all fronts: popular resistance in the Second World War , Jeff Sparrow cites my statement that “the great majority of Australians would endorse the war effort on the simple grounds that a Japanese invasion must be av...CONTINUE READING

Give me a paralysed government run by an idiot over a suave scum bucket who gets things done

Ben Hillier Politicians stuffing up always makes good viewing. World leaders ruin the world for the rest of us, so we feel like the world is a little more bearable when they make fools of themselves or when we catch them butchering sentences, rather than entire populations. Former US president George...CONTINUE READING

Signing up for a dose of ridgy-didge hypocrisy

Daniel Taylor Whatever happened to those basic Aussie traditions of the fair go, the ridgy-didge, the swagman’s chunder? Can we ever hope to return to those fair dinkum ways of old, in this world gone troppo? Or have they carked it, never to return? Some may treasure the myth of a lost civilisation of m...CONTINUE READING

Media jihad didn’t take much to stop

Diane Fieldes September got off to a good start. Launching from the short-lived Border Farce, there was plenty of well-deserved ridicule and abuse of the Abbott government from the liberal media. Tony Wright, national affairs editor of the Age , noted on 1 September, “Peter Dutton … has accused Fairfax...CONTINUE READING

Corpse mutilation okay as long as it’s ‘necessary’

James Plested It should be straightforward: those killed in battle should be allowed to rest in peace and not have their bodies mutilated or otherwise mistreated. Once someone is dead, they’re highly unlikely to play any further role in the fighting, so shouldn’t they be afforded a last vestige of digni...CONTINUE READING

Ashley Madison hack exposes hypocrisy, dysfunction, fraud – and some infidelity

Louise O’Shea The publication of the private information of more than 30 million users of the extramarital affair-facilitating site Ashley Madison has exposed more than adulterous spouses. It has exposed the significant gap between the ideology of capitalist society and lived reality. The idea that fall...CONTINUE READING

How many must die to save Abbott’s job?

Corey Oakley After the revelation that the government was demanding an “announceable” national security measure every week between now and the election, reports in the Fairfax press that the US “request” for Australia to expand its bombing campaign against ISIS to Syria was in fact driven by the prime...CONTINUE READING

Guardian joins grubby Blairite crusade against Jeremy Corbyn

Nick Everett A flurry of articles in the UK Guardian has poured scorn on Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the leadership of the British Labour Party. The Guardian , a liberal newspaper with an online readership of 30 million worldwide, has provided a platform for the deep angst that has now taken hold with...CONTINUE READING

Liberal fundraising gig only Heydon’s most obvious crime

Diane Fieldes Former High Court judge Dyson Heydon has been caught out for agreeing to be a guest speaker at a Liberal Party fundraiser. That’s right, the same supposedly independent jurist who is fronting the Abbott government’s Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. Rather than s...CONTINUE READING