Sure Tony, let the people decide

Corey Oakley “Members opposite will want the politicians to decide, this government wants the people to decide.” Tony Abbott’s abrupt conversion to the cause of direct democracy might be a transparently cynical attempt to derail a parliamentary vote granting marriage equality, but hell, let’s go with i...CONTINUE READING

Sport and politics always mix

Mick Armstrong “Sport and politics simply don’t mix.” That is the old reactionary chestnut. It has been hauled out time and again – to try to stifle protests against the all-white South African Springboks rugby tour of Australia, the boycott of Israeli sporting tours, protests by women tennis players dem...CONTINUE READING

An Australian Corbyn won’t come from the ALP

Corey Oakley For the better part of a century, it has been a basic assumption of Marxism that the reformist social democratic parties will, sooner or later, sell their souls to the status quo. As far as propositions with an abundance of supporting evidence go, this one is up there with the law of gravi...CONTINUE READING

When the left ‘uphold the right’

Tess Lee Ack The battle between Labor and the Greens for control of inner city seats in Melbourne and Sydney has resulted in a great deal of vitriol over the last few years. The Labor left consider the rise of the Greens a particular outrage because, in its view, Labor is the rightful home of all left...CONTINUE READING

The far right doesn’t get Cold Chisel

Ben Hillier The far right tried to politically appropriate Cold Chisel on the weekend. It failed. “Khe Sanh”, the band’s iconic rock anthem, was played at Brisbane’s Reclaim Australia rally. Jimmy Barnes’s “Working class man” was used in Adelaide. Barnes last night issued a statement distancing himsel...CONTINUE READING

Something I learnt at the anti-racism counter rally

Nicole Mousley It's been a while since I attended a rally in Melbourne, I used to attend refugee rallies years ago until I became so demoralised and disheartened I could no longer bear to attend. I have been so distressed lately at the direction this country is heading that I want to leave and not come b...CONTINUE READING

Confrontation is justified when fascists take to the streets

Corey Oakley Once again, fascists and other far right racists got a drubbing in Melbourne on 18 July. The rally they billed as the biggest mobilisation of “patriots” in Australian history was a pitiful rump, barely more than 100 people. The far right was vastly outnumbered by up to 2,000 anti-racist co...CONTINUE READING

Boycotting Israel is right

James Crafti For Philip Mendes and Nick Dyrenfurth, authors of new book Boycotting Israel is wrong , people who support Palestine come in three shades. First are the people who are “both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian”. The authors include in this list “former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard”,...CONTINUE READING

Paedophilia and the Vatican

Robert Austin Mick Armstrong’s article on Catholic and other church child abuse (Red Flag #49) is a worthy addition to his contributions to working class history over many years. However, Armstrong’s article can be pressed further. The precursor to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Ch...CONTINUE READING