Murdoch press, government lose the plot over ABC’s Q&A and Zaky Mallah

Ben Hillier The outpouring is hysterical. Yesterday, I thought to myself, “Should I even bother writing about this batshit craziness? What’s to say, other than ‘The political right is batshit crazy’? They can’t keep it up”. Oh yes, they can. They did. They are. “Which side are you on?”, asked the prim...CONTINUE READING

Vic ‘anti-radicalisation’ plans are Big Brother on steroids

Omar Hassan The Victorian government is currently considering a raft of measures that purportedly aim to stop young people becoming terrorists. Compiled and proposed by the Victorian police commissioner, they would subject “radicalised” individuals to forced curfews, internet bans and restrictions on...CONTINUE READING

Magna Carta myths serve the powerful

Diane Fieldes You could not help but be struck by the hypocrisy of the Magna Carta 800th anniversary celebrations in the English-speaking world. To understand why it’s hypocritical, just look at what they are supposedly celebrating. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) website: “Ma...CONTINUE READING

No, Islam is not a race. Yes, you are still a racist

Daniel Lopez Anti-Islamic bigotry is racism. How can that be when, as is frequently pointed out, Islam isn’t a race? Biological race doesn’t exist. But the concept of biological race is an invention with a long history. Its transformations help answer the question. One of the earliest and most detailed...CONTINUE READING

The Killing Season reveals the desert at the heart of the ALP

Tom Bramble Does Kevin Rudd need to consult a psychoanalyst? Was he so spent physically and psychologically after two years as prime minister that he was incapable of functioning, or is he a deeply resilient person? And is Julia Gillard telling the truth when she says that she was a reluctant conscrip...CONTINUE READING

Brutal violence was openly declared policy

Mick Armstrong I was a student at Catholic primary and secondary schools in Melbourne between 1956 and 1967 – a period when abuse was rife. While I did not personally experience or witness any sexual abuse at school, I did experience and witness extreme levels of physical abuse and humiliation. This syst...CONTINUE READING

When we fought Hanson

Jerome Small There was a serious problem in late 1996. All of a sudden, friends of mine were being told by total strangers to “go back where you come from”. People I knew were, for the first time in their lives, being abused on a Melbourne street for speaking a language other than English. Earlier that...CONTINUE READING

When small-l liberals and fascists agree

Daniel Lopez Alison Bevege is many things: freelance journalist, committed liberal and self-proclaimed crusader against “Islamic fascism”. Last year she happened upon (well, manufactured) her big break. Bevege attended a meeting of Sydney-based Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir. She provoked the meeting a n...CONTINUE READING

Attacks on Goodes are racism, plain and simple

Tess Lee Ack Interest declared: I’m a life-long, third generation Swans supporter. But you don’t have to be a one-eyed Sydney fan to be sickened by the outpouring of racist vitriol in response to Adam Goodes’ “war cry” dance in the match against Carlton on 29 May. Whenever you hear or read the words “I...CONTINUE READING