Why some child abusers are a protected species

Louise O’Shea We know that when Tony Abbott doesn’t approve of something, he is not backward in coming forward about it. He’s made no secret, for instance, of his disapproval of refugees attempting to get to Australia by boat, Aboriginal people indulging their “lifestyle choices” in remote communities a...CONTINUE READING

Di Natale backs Israeli apartheid

Diane Fieldes It must be something of a first for the Greens to get two positive articles in a row in the Australian Jewish News , one of the leading local proponents of the racist state of Israel. Certainly, Facebook followers of both the Greens and the AJN were somewhat shocked. On 15 May, the AJN wel...CONTINUE READING

Struggle Street, get stuffed

Lisa Moon Drug and alcohol use, swearing, violence and, yes, even farting. They happen all over Sydney, yet Mount Druitt specifically is now famous for all of it. This isn’t an accident. Those who dominate public discourse love a spot of poor-people bashing. Whether it’s the media exposing the secre...CONTINUE READING

Change at the top for the Greens

Diane Fieldes Christine Milne has been replaced by Victorian senator Richard Di Natale as the leader of the Greens. Who is Richard Di Natale and what does his elevation represent politically? These are harder questions to answer than you might think. An unusual source, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, sees h...CONTINUE READING

A tale of two headlines

Josh Lees For weeks, the media displayed rare sympathy for two men, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who have now been executed in Indonesia. Rare indeed. It was an outpouring of humanisation and understanding that is almost never extended to the downtrodden in our society – not to refugees, not to...CONTINUE READING

Clinical trials and capitalist tribulations

Rick Kuhn At Canberra Hospital, I am undergoing a well-established treatment for the bone marrow cancer Multiple Myeloma. Like other public hospitals in Australia, Canberra Hospital is staffed by workers who are, in general, very dedicated and very exploited (therefore alienated). They endure low pa...CONTINUE READING

When the guns of Islamophobia fall silent

Corey Oakley If you want an example of how the cold calculations of money and power trump ideology on the Australian right, look no further than foreign minister Julie Bishop’s official trip to Iran earlier this month. Hardly a day goes by in Australia without a new round of crazy-eyed pronouncements w...CONTINUE READING

ANZAC Day – a cult of death and forgetting

Daniel Lopez Former prime minister Paul Keating caused a few ripples by suggesting that commemorating the Gallipoli campaign and ANZAC Day is “utter nonsense”. In his view, we were “dragged into service by the imperial government in an ill-conceived and poorly executed campaign … cut to ribbons and dis...CONTINUE READING

A tireless fighter against a rotten system

Diane Fieldes Ray Jackson 1941-2015 How sad it is to learn that our comrade and friend, Uncle Ray Jackson, has died. A Wiradjuri fighter for Koori justice (“fkj”, as he always signed his fascinating emails), Ray will be best known for his tireless work against Aboriginal deaths in custody, the countless...CONTINUE READING