Racism in cricket not just a ‘bad look’

Robin Laycock “Speak English.” If these words had been directed at an Indian by an unruly youth on a suburban bus – and A Current Affair got wind of it – all hell would’ve broken loose. Racism has no place in Australia, they would’ve howled. After Australian cricketer David Warner yelled these words at...CONTINUE READING

What’s a few beheadings between friends?

Omar Hassan Flags in the UK and Australia were flown at half-mast last week to commemorate the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. The ABC described him as a man with “reforming zeal”. The liberal New York Times valorised his attempts to “nudge” society forward. The managing director of the IMF, Ch...CONTINUE READING

Let there be knights

Louise O’Shea Like a four year old having a tantrum half way through their own birthday party, the knighting of Prince Philip is nothing more than a vindictive act on the part of a failing prime minister. Abbott is furious that his first term has not panned out the way he had hoped. Instead of making an...CONTINUE READING

What if the cops went on strike and nobody noticed?

Louise O’Shea Perhaps my most humiliating childhood memory was when, at age seven or eight, I decided to run away from home. The idea was to inflict crippling pain on my parents and force them to rethink their parenting techniques. After several tedious hours spent at the park I decided to make a glorio...CONTINUE READING

The Labor left is all right

Diane Fieldes NSW Labor has a new leader – and he’s from the left. The elevation of Luke Foley tells us quite a bit about the nature of the factional divisions in the modern ALP. In a moment of candour Dick Gross, former Labor mayor of Port Phillip in Melbourne, summed up the factional divide in this wa...CONTINUE READING

The value of Daniel Bensaïd

Darren Roso and Fabio Mascaro Querido Daniel Bensaïd, the French revolutionary Marxist, was a party man, a founder of the Communist League in 1969 and one of the principle architects of what would become the New Anti-Capitalist Party in 2009. He became an essential reference point for the French and European radical left. He w...CONTINUE READING

A comment on the Sydney siege

Ben Hillier Much remains unclear regarding the hostage situation in Sydney’s Martin Place. The narrative that has been constructed through the media is that it is an act of Islamic terrorism. If that is true, it should be seen in the light of the destruction of Muslim homelands by Western imperialism,...CONTINUE READING

Institutional racism isn’t just an American problem

Simone White Like many others, Lorna Cubillo, now 76, spent time in Darwin’s Retta Dixon Home for Aboriginal Children. Her “house parent” groped her and beat her when she refused to clean his residence. “He hit me on the legs, hands and back. He hit me with the buckle end of the belt and it cut me on m...CONTINUE READING

Grollo proves it’s still a rich man’s law

Colleen Bolger “We are all asking the same question: what is a life worth?” asked John Setka, CFMEU Victorian state secretary, after a Grocon subsidiary was fined just $250,000 for the deaths of Alexander and Bridget Jones and Marie-Faith Fiawoo. The three were crushed when a Grocon construction site wal...CONTINUE READING