When the guns of Islamophobia fall silent

Corey Oakley If you want an example of how the cold calculations of money and power trump ideology on the Australian right, look no further than foreign minister Julie Bishop’s official trip to Iran earlier this month. Hardly a day goes by in Australia without a new round of crazy-eyed pronouncements w...CONTINUE READING

ANZAC Day – a cult of death and forgetting

Daniel Lopez Former prime minister Paul Keating caused a few ripples by suggesting that commemorating the Gallipoli campaign and ANZAC Day is “utter nonsense”. In his view, we were “dragged into service by the imperial government in an ill-conceived and poorly executed campaign … cut to ribbons and dis...CONTINUE READING

A tireless fighter against a rotten system

Diane Fieldes Ray Jackson 1941-2015 How sad it is to learn that our comrade and friend, Uncle Ray Jackson, has died. A Wiradjuri fighter for Koori justice (“fkj”, as he always signed his fascinating emails), Ray will be best known for his tireless work against Aboriginal deaths in custody, the countless...CONTINUE READING

Less authoritarian left, more actual dictatorship, urges News Corp columnist

Louise O’Shea I’m a big fan of newspaper columns written by the investment banking progeny of shonky businessmen and Liberal politicians. Their life experience of elite private schools, manicured lawns, holidays in beachside mansions and membership of exclusive sports clubs generally makes them uniquely...CONTINUE READING

The dead end of moral individualism

Daniel Lopez Guardian reporter Helen Davidson wrote in January of a massive expansion of “orphanage tourism” (Westerners going abroad to help or adopt orphans) in Cambodia. Surely such selfless, Angelina Jolie-style generosity is a beacon of hope in a bleak world? Not quite. As it turns out, Western do...CONTINUE READING

Why ice hysteria leaves me cold

Eric LeRoy If you’ve been following the news over the past year, you might have been led to believe that there are drugged-up sociopaths stalking you at every turn. Headlines have screamed: “Ice epidemic could bring nation to its knees”, “The icy grip of creeping death”, “Tide of evil”, and my favour...CONTINUE READING

How the fix failed

Ben Hillier Repeated attempts by the federal government to reset and refocus have failed. The bosses, through their mouthpiece organisations such as the Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, continue valiantly to plead the case for the government to change tack and undertake the g...CONTINUE READING

Malcolm Fraser, father of Australia’s inhumane refugee policies

Sandra Bloodworth The accolades for Malcolm Fraser are misplaced, even when it comes to his refugee policies. He seemed at times like a beacon of anti-racism compared with John Howard and even the Gillard and Rudd Labor governments. Academic Robert Manne once described the Fraser years as “the halcyon era o...CONTINUE READING

A conversation? Let’s talk about where the wealth went

Allen Myers Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey and the rest of the Liberals want to have a conversation with us, so they say. I’m usually a bit fussier about who I talk to, but I’ll make an exception in this case, if they will agree that we can talk about a specific topic: where has Australia’s wealth gone? T...CONTINUE READING