Spare me Hockey’s ‘national conversation’

Sandra Bloodworth To the astonishment of Abbott and Hockey, their class war budget has been shredded. Public opinion, protest and dogged rejection of their blatantly partisan budget have sent them into shock. So they’ve come up with the inanity known as a “national conversation” as “a way forward”. The poll...CONTINUE READING

Cynicism unchained

Corey Oakley Brazen assertion of the self-evidently ludicrous has long been core business for the right, and never more so than when it comes to the War on Terror,™ where the assumption that facts are a left wing plot is raised to the level of guiding principle. In this regard, the latest round of mad...CONTINUE READING

Destroying a village to save... a coal mine

Diane Fieldes Five years ago, the 350 residents of the NSW village of Bulga, in the upper Hunter Valley outside Newcastle, discovered that the local Rio Tinto coal mine was planning to expand towards their homes. Two years later, in 2012, the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) approved the company...CONTINUE READING

Moderate atheists must condemn extremism

Daniel Lopez The murder of three Muslims in the US city of Chapel Hill, carried out by self-proclaimed “anti-theist” Craig Stephen Hicks, was an act of terror. Prior to the killing, Hicks posted multiple times on the internet his “right” to insult religion. He described religion as a “baseless supersti...CONTINUE READING

Some pay gaps are more equal than others

Liz Walsh A slew of articles in our mainstream dailies have been decrying the gender pay gap of the ever persecuted upper echelon of women managers and executives. Detailing the grind that is life for women CEOs, the Financial Review ran one of the most preposterous headings: “Rich man, poor woman”....CONTINUE READING

A mad king is only part of the problem

Corey Oakley The madness of King Tony is a tale that now needs little introduction. Or, for that matter, any positive proof. Claims in the Australian on 21 February that Tony Abbott proposed the unilateral deployment of 3,500 troops to single-handedly take on ISIS were damning not because they were ver...CONTINUE READING

Terror threat grows under his rule, says Abbott

Allen Myers It’s becoming easier for terrorists to strike in Australia. I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t heard it from Tony Abbott himself. Just the other day, Abbott told parliament, “All you need to be a terrorist is a knife, a flag, a camera phone and a victim.” But last September, he warne...CONTINUE READING

QLD workers can’t rest easy after election

Tom Bramble When the news came through that Annastacia Palaszczuk would seek permission from the Queensland governor to form government 10 days after the dramatic state election on 31 January, the Electrical Trades Union tweeted: “And the cloud starts to lift from over Queensland after three years of...CONTINUE READING

Money doesn’t talk, it swears

Diane Fieldes The super-secret world of Swiss banking is usually hidden from our view. But due to more revelations about global banking giant HSBC’s Swiss accounts, the corporate tax dodgers, politicians, global arms dealers, royalty and other criminals who use its services are on public display. HSBC p...CONTINUE READING