Neoliberalism and the individual

Daniel Lopez In The History of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky suggests that peasants for the first time won a sense of the importance of their individuality during the February 1917 revolution. At first glance, this seems strange: isn’t individuality natural? Trotsky did not think so. Rather, ind...CONTINUE READING

We must challenge neoliberalism politically and economically

Jordan Humphreys I share many of Mark Jennings’ criticisms of Richard Denniss’ claim that neoliberalism is essentially dead. He points out weaknesses in Denniss’ arguments, particularly about the relationship between state intervention and market forces in neoliberal ideology and practice, and about neolib...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s minister for Israel resigns

James Crafti Australia’s minister for Israel, Michael Danby, has announced that he will not contest the next election. Australia doesn’t have a minster for Israel, you might be thinking. But for the Labor member for the federal seat of Melbourne Ports, commitment to apartheid Israel came before anythin...CONTINUE READING

Inspiring cave rescue cannot obscure society’s darkness

Sandra Bloodworth “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what”. You will recognise this Facebook post by Thai Navy SEALS. It signalled the completion of a daring operation to rescue the 12 Wild Boar soccer players and their coach from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system in the Mae Sai district...CONTINUE READING

Andrew Nolch is an expression of growing far right confidence

Vashti Kenway The brutal rape and murder of young Melbourne woman Eurydice Dixon prompted an outpouring of public grief and outrage. Thousands of locals created a makeshift memorial of flowers and cards and left remembrances in Princess Park near the place where her body was found. A few days later, mou...CONTINUE READING

The bipartisan attempt to jail a lawyer and his client for exposing a national disgrace

Mick Armstrong The Howard government’s invasion of Timor Leste (East Timor) in 1999 was justified by an incredible outpouring of hypocritical cant about ending the Indonesian genocide of the Timorese people. As though John Howard ever cared for the wellbeing of the Timorese. There was nothing humanitaria...CONTINUE READING

100 percent racist

Gavin Stanbrook Only Australia could rival the entrenched racism and barbarity of countries such as the US, Israel and apartheid-era South Africa, notorious for locking up Blacks, immigrants and children. But the Northern Territory has set a new benchmark. All – 100 percent of – children imprisoned there...CONTINUE READING

The misogyny at the heart of the new far right

Chris di Pasquale On a recent Sunday afternoon, self-proclaimed fascist Blair Cottrell filmed himself chasing down and abusing a street performer wearing a pink leotard. For daring to don the costume, the performer, known as Dandyman, was called a “paedophile”, threatened with violence and forced to end his...CONTINUE READING

Sadly, the neoliberal zombie hasn’t eaten itself yet

Mark Jennings I recently attended a lecture by Richard Denniss, author of the Quarterly Essay “Dead right: how neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next”. I was curious to see how Denniss justified his claim, as it seems to me that neoliberalism has not eaten itself. Its corpse continues, zombie-like...CONTINUE READING