Institutional racism isn’t just an American problem

Simone White Like many others, Lorna Cubillo, now 76, spent time in Darwin’s Retta Dixon Home for Aboriginal Children. Her “house parent” groped her and beat her when she refused to clean his residence. “He hit me on the legs, hands and back. He hit me with the buckle end of the belt and it cut me on m...CONTINUE READING

Grollo proves it’s still a rich man’s law

Colleen Bolger “We are all asking the same question: what is a life worth?” asked John Setka, CFMEU Victorian state secretary, after a Grocon subsidiary was fined just $250,000 for the deaths of Alexander and Bridget Jones and Marie-Faith Fiawoo. The three were crushed when a Grocon construction site wal...CONTINUE READING

Why we should bring back free education

Alexis Vassiley In one of its many position papers advocating fee deregulation, the Group of Eight (Go8) universities inadvertently let out of the bag just how affordable free education is. In “No such thing as a free degree”, it calculated that the total additional funding required to fund free education...CONTINUE READING

How hope turned to nightmare after the Berlin Wall fell

Sandra Bloodworth The scenes of people chipping away at the Berlin Wall are still as thrilling today as when I watched them 25 years ago. But the hypocritical glee of the Western media and politicians was nauseating. One social scientist declared “the end of history”, while economists blathered about the vi...CONTINUE READING

Mildest criticism enrages Zionists

Nick Everett In a speech to an Australian Friends of Palestine Association dinner in Adelaide on 7 November, former foreign minister Bob Carr said that he has had an “epiphany on the changes in Israel”. Carr, who along with Bob Hawke founded Labor Friends of Israel in 1977, announced that he is now pat...CONTINUE READING
Barack Obama

Mocking Abbott shouldn't mean singing Obama's praise

Corey Oakley Well finally there seems to be a consensus, at least if you leave aside the assorted outriders of the lunar right. Tony Abbott is a national embarrassment. A small minded, parochial, used-car salesman of a politician who used Australia’s moment in the global spotlight to make what Bill Sho...CONTINUE READING

Australia doesn’t need defending

Tom O’Lincoln What they don’t teach us in school: in early Sydney, a NSW Corps officer told visiting commissioner Bigge that the danger of outside invasion was virtually nil. In fact, he said, the danger was greater from fraternisation between convicts and Irish soldiers. Expert opinion has always known...CONTINUE READING

Loewenstein is right about Western feminism

Louise O’Shea The reaction to Antony Loewenstein’s insightful opinion piece in the Guardian about the state of feminist social commentary in the West demonstrates the veracity of his argument. To begin with, the tonnage of complaints about a man daring to criticise Western feminism comically illustrates...CONTINUE READING

Bigger than Barry Spurr

Daniel Lopez It’s rare for the left to receive gifts from the establishment. Yet the leak of Professor Barry Spurr’s private email conversations is a gift if ever there was one. And we can happily predict that this gift will keep on giving. Barry has been suspended. And better still, the emails reveal...CONTINUE READING