Bigger than Barry Spurr

Daniel Lopez It’s rare for the left to receive gifts from the establishment. Yet the leak of Professor Barry Spurr’s private email conversations is a gift if ever there was one. And we can happily predict that this gift will keep on giving. Barry has been suspended. And better still, the emails reveal...CONTINUE READING

Marriage equality is a demand for liberation, not more oppression

Louise O’Shea We all know about the reactionaries on the wrong side of the marriage equality debate – the kind of people who light a candle for Bob Menzies every Sunday and for whom rock and roll represented the beginning of the end: the protectors of family values, cheerleaders for conformity and uphol...CONTINUE READING

Cuba a lesson in how US ‘fights terror’

Allen Myers The United States government claims to be waging “humanitarian” war against terrorism. But its real record is revealed by what it is doing to Cuba. On 28 October, for the 23rd time, a resolution will be introduced into the United Nations General Assembly calling for an end to the half-cent...CONTINUE READING

Gough Whitlam in context

Tom Bramble Gough Whitlam has died at age 98. I await the torrent of tributes from politicians who will praise his government’s social reform program in Australia but who themselves have spent their entire careers trying to bury it – free education, expansion of welfare programs, land rights, women’s...CONTINUE READING

Vanstone loves expensive whines

Ben Hillier Wake up Australia. Life is tough at the top – but top sorts aren’t being paid their due. The rich need a champion, not ever more detractors stoking class envy and making the nation uncomfortable. That’s why Fairfax Media pays Amanda Vanstone, the former Liberal government cabinet minister,...CONTINUE READING

Lies, damned lies, and the liberal media

Diane Fieldes It’s common to think that the liberal media like the ABC and Fairfax press (publisher of the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald ) are a cut above the Murdoch media and crude racists like Jacqui Lambie. It’s not true. The respectable voices have spread lies (with or without retractions), hal...CONTINUE READING

Who benefits from higher education?

Duncan Hart Whatever else can be said about education minister Christopher Pyne, let no one say he doesn’t have a strong sense of fairness. Or, at any rate, a strong sense that he should act like he does. In a late August address to the National Press Club, Pyne quoted favourably the words of former p...CONTINUE READING

NTEU close but still not good enough on Palestine

Katie Wood On Saturday 5 October, the National Council of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) debated the prospect of supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. A motion proposed by Socialist Alternative delegates to inform members of the campaign and enc...CONTINUE READING

Innocent until proven Muslim

Diane Fieldes Vox pops in the wake of last week’s police raids have yielded the predictable “you don’t have anything to fear if you have done nothing wrong” responses. But the actual use of so-called anti-terrorism laws shows that you do. Take the case of UNSW medical student Izhar Ul-Haque. ASIO picked...CONTINUE READING