Modern day women’s pages are beneath contempt

Louise O’Shea There’s a lot to be angry about in capitalist society – war, starvation, poverty, discrimination, oppression. But sometimes it’s the littlest things that hurt the most, like when the footy is being broadcast only on Foxtel, or anything to do with baby Prince George. Somewhere in between th...CONTINUE READING

Why Scotland should vote ‘yes’

Diane Fieldes With the latest opinion poll indicating a slight lead for the Yes camp, the referendum on Scottish independence on 18 September will be close. It looks like there will be a big voter turnout. Nonetheless, it took the intervention of Tony Abbott to make this big news in Australia, making it...CONTINUE READING

Save us from grown-up government

Ben Hillier “Elect the Coalition, and you will have a grown-up, adult government” – Tony Abbott, National Press Club address, 2 September 2013. My godson Griffin is a child. I last spent any time with him several years ago; he was two or three years old. He liked sharing things – the play equipment, t...CONTINUE READING

The cyber-front in a battle for hearts and minds

Jo Mettam Red Flag’ s website was recently shut down for several days by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The registered owner of the site was contacted by someone apparently linked to a known pro-Israel hacktivist group. The individual gloated about the action and revealed details abo...CONTINUE READING

Warrior cops are not for our safety

Kim Doyle Militarisation of policing is a worldwide phenomenon, largely carried out under the guise of “counter-terrorism”. The footage coming out of Ferguson, which the police have turned into a war zone, has catapulted the issue into the mainstream. Is camouflage gear, designed for desert and jung...CONTINUE READING

Crisis and possibility on the Latin American left

Jorge Jorquera If there is one sweeping comment that can be made about the left in Latin America, it’s that it is struggling to imagine the accumulation of forces outside of electoral tactics. Those with the historical perspective to emphasise this are still by and large isolated inside the larger left t...CONTINUE READING

Israel isn’t somebody else’s problem

Corey Oakley When I first got involved in Palestine solidarity activism, at the start of the second intifada in 2000, opponents of Israel were a voice in the wilderness. Among the broad left, there was little understanding of the Palestine question. It seemed too complicated, too obscure – and the rele...CONTINUE READING

The anti-Semitism slander

Daniel Taylor Global warming is a myth, obviously. As Andrew Bolt has informed us time and time again, “alarmists” (also known as climate scientists) are rigging experiments, fabricating evidence, and generally pursuing what Bolt calls a “warmist conspiracy”. But while the punters are distracted by fant...CONTINUE READING

Manufacturing terrorism

Reeshan Zakiyya The US state is in the business of manufacturing terrorism. Since the 9/11 attacks, law enforcement agencies apparently have entrapped hundreds of Muslims in terror plots, and created a siege-like atmosphere throughout the country. Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School have released a...CONTINUE READING